Finding Nemo Party

Adventure Nemo 2yr - Blue Decorations




Subha in Parlin, NJ USA


June 2006


Honorable Mention

We had 2 parties for our dear daughters 2nd birthday this year. As we celebrated it at our home we decided to split the guest list in to smaller groups, like 10-12 kids per party so it will be easier to manage the kids crowd. For theme we chose our little one's two favorite characters, Nemo and Dora the explorer.  For the first party the theme was Nemo and we had an underwater adventure for the kids and we got so many great comments from our guest we decided not to take out the Nemo decoration and tried to incorporate Dora the explorer theme in to it. 

And that gave me an idea for a new story. It goes like this:  The story starts when Nemo escape from the dentist office through the pipeline in to the ocean. When he reaches the end of the pipeline and couldn't find his dad anywhere he started crying for help. Diego, Dora's animal rescuer cousin hears Nemo's cry for help but as he was far-far away on another rescue mission he asked for Dora's help to go and find Nemo and reunite him with his family and friends¦ Dora with boots ask the birthday girl and her friends to join in for this special mission to find Nemo.  For this they have to go through the butterfly garden and in through the pipeline and find Nemo (who is hiding inside it as he was scared of the crabs) and then take him to his underwater home where Marlin and Nemo's friends are waiting along with a beautiful birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of the little explorer who is turning 2 today¦ 

As our first party theme was Finding Nemo we had already decorated the party room to give it an underwater feel. For this we chose different shades of Blue to decorate. The wall on the side where we were planning the birthday cake to be cut was covered with a large blue sheet to give the effect of sea and decorated it with the hand drawn pictures of seaweed, rocks, Nemo and his friends. We also added a Happy Birthday Advika banner in the middle of it and pictures of Dora and boots in it as they will also be there to celebrate Advika's birthday with Nemo.   To give the effect of bright and colorful day we filled the ceiling of the room with free flowing purple, lemon green and yellow helium balloons with a golden ribbon hanging from it. The rest of the walls were covered with twisted multi colored streamers, Dora and Nemo characters.

The Cake table was covered with yellow sheet and was covered with foam stickers of Dora characters. We also tied a bunch of Dora balloons and a big Dora helium balloon near the table.  The cake was a rectangle chocolate Dora cake from Shoprite with fresh strawberry filling and butter cream topping. As we served dinner we ordered Indian food and along with a traditional Indian dessert we also served Jell-O aquariums (made of blue jello, grape rocks and gummy fishes floating). The buffet table was also covered in yellow sheet and decorated with Dora foam stickers. After the cake cutting we took pictures of all the kids with the birthday girl. And the backdrop gave us some real good pictures.  

The games we played are: 1) The exploration game to find Nemo. To play this game I first gave them a storybook we made by printing out our new Dora’s adventure story with the pictures of all the characters and their details. Then we read the story together and as the story ends where Dora ask the birthday girl and friends to join her in her adventure, we gave out the maps (printed out from nick Jr.) and a binocular to look for their first stop the butterfly garden.   To make a butterfly garden we decorated the ceiling of a room with different shades of green streamers hanging down and scattered green ribbons with colorful butterflies hanging from it. We printed lots of butterfly clipart from net and decorated that room with it. 

The kids all looked through their binoculars and found the butterflies and the butterfly stickers from the garden. Next they checked their map and found out that next they have to find the pipeline. When they looked for it through the binoculars they found the pipeline (play tunnel) and crawled through it and found Nemo (stickers). Out they come when they hear swiper and aadi's dad shows up as swiper the fox and the kids all shouted swiper no swiping and then they reach the cake where they find Marlin and Nemo's friends in the sea backdrop along with a beautiful Dora birthday cake. Everybody then sang Happy Birthday to Advika and had a yummy chocolate cake!  After the cake the kids asked for more games and so we played stick the tale on a donkey (2nd game) and they got Dora candies as gift. Then we played hoops (3rd game) where the kids have stay on a line and get 3 chances to throw a Dora ball in to a basket. They got ring pops when they win.

As all kids were so excited and asked for more games we arranged one last game and so we played musical chair (4th game) for which they all got Dora coloring book (printed the pages from web) and crayons.  After the 3rd game we all had dinner and then ended the party with the last game of musical chair. The kids were all excited and didn't want the party to be over.  The birthday girl then gave all her friends a goody bag with a set of play dough’s, a Dora watch and lots of candies. They also had their gifts they won to take home¦ We also tied a purple balloon and a thank you card on each of the goody bags and our little birthday princess was all excited to hand it to her guest with a sweet thank you¦  The party was a great success and our guests still are talking about Advika's birthday party!

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