Finding Nemo Party

Underwater Nemo - Pin Nemo on Fish Bowl




Sarah in Gilbert, AZ, USA


January 2006


Honorable Mention

Finding Nemo Party--  Invitations:  I made what looked like fish bags (think goldfish you buy at the store) I used clear cellophane bags (candy/goody bags you can find at party stores), clear fishing line, turquoise tissue paper, orange foam/white foam/black foam all these are the thin craft type. First I drew a Nemo on white paper and made a stencil of sorts.  I traced this on the orange foam and cut the shapes out.  I then cut the black sections out to fit on the fish shape then stacked the white strip on top of the black piece so appropriate amounts of black foam would show on either side.  I glued on eyes and drew the details of the fins on.  I also cut a little filled horseshoe piece and glued on to make Nemo's fin.  Next I cut the tissue paper into strips and place in the bottom of the bags.  Then I tied a small piece of fishing line to a small hole in top fin then taped the string to the inside of the bag tied the bag so it Nemo appeared to be floating.  Then attached a piece of velum with "Nemo and {your child's name] would like to invite you to an underwater adventure.  We hope to sea you there!!....for the place we put The Smith Reef. 

Decorations:  We made an underwater sea by blowing up balloons and attaching blue strings to them and letting them free float around the room.  I also created jelly fish by suspending pink air-blown balloons from the ceiling.  I attached pink tissue paper to make the jelly tentacles.  I also found some blue spirals at the party store that I hung from doorways and outside around the piñata to keep creating the water effect.  Outside, by front door,  I drew  fish bowl with the words "Swim On In!" above it I had gold fish drawings leading up the path to the front door.  On the dining room table I had a purchased Nemo tablecloth scattered with fake gold fish and real goldfish in a bowl as the centerpiece.  Around the house I also had bowls of Pepperidge farm goldfish and gummy goldfish.  I also hung orange and blue streamers in the kitchen to keep the party atmosphere going from one room to the other in the family room (attached to kitchen) I had orange balloons with white strings floating. 

Pinata:  I purchased a Nemo piñata with the string pulls vs. the hitting of the piñata….my son has the empty piñata hanging in his room. 

Favors:  For the kids I got Nemo bags and filled with various normal party goodies (candy/whistle/stickers), but I also found some Nemo/Bruno/Turtle shaped bubble blowers that I attached to the bags.  I also purchased Nemo cups and put each child's name on them with letter stickers (to eliminate them from drinking from the wrong cup).     For the adults I found little prepackaged gummy candies that were fish/shell shapes.  I printed folded cards to the top of each (like 1X2) that said Thanks for swimming over.  WE were so glad to see you!...with a small picture of a clown fish underneath.  I put these favors in a sand bucket and handed them out as families left. 

Games:  I painted a fish bowl (bowl outline in grey, green plants, grey/white pebbles, blue water) on the sliding glass door.  I printed different fish from the internet (Clip Art) and cut them out.  We played pin the fish in the bowl (like pin the tail on the donkey).  Also, I had "Fish" using my son's plastic fishing bowl, I had a helper (an older cousin) hide behind a folding table on its side with blue wrapping paper on the table top…the kids would put the "hook" over the side and the helper would put a prize on the end. 

Cake:  I gave in and purchase the cake this year.  I got a Baskin and Robbins Nemo cake....SOOOOOOO cute and worth the $$ and none of the work.

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