Finding Nemo Party

Nemo Party 2yr - Pin the Fin on Nemo




Jennifer in Ashland, KY, USA


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

I am planning a "Finding Nemo" party for my son's second birthday.

I began with invitations which I made by printing a picture of Nemo from the internet on heavy card stock and then overlaying it with sheer velum so that the picture shows through. I punched two holes and tied an orange ribbon to hold the velum onto the card. I wrote, "Dive into Will's 2nd Birthday" and the date and pertinent party info, then concluded with "Swim on over to Will's Reef for lots of fun, food, and fins". I purchased blue foil gift bag filler (basically shredded tinsel) and placed approximately 5 strips in each envelope around the invitation to resemble water.

The cake is just the standard Nemo kit from a bakery but I will have the cake table decorated with blue table cloth and fish confetti as well as shells and a fish net, and other nautical accessories. I am using all of the Nemo plates, napkins, banners, etc. I am decorating with blue and clear balloons to resemble bubbles and lots of multicolored "seaweed" streamers. I wanted to purchase a bubble machine, but could only find one for outdoor use and since the party is inside our home, I didn't want to risk it but bubbles would be a great effect for this party if it were outdoors. Instead I will play bubble sounds and the Nemo CD for music.

I am making a stand-up shark from card-board and paint with its mouth open as a decoration, but the kids can go behind it and look like they are inside the shark's mouth. The guest's pictures will all be taken with the shark and then be printed onto card stock for thank you notes. I have purchased a one ring blow-up baby pool in which I will place the remainder of the packaged foil gift filler to look like water. I am cutting out paper fish with a magnet attached at the end of each one. The children will then take turns fishing using a dowel rod with fishing line and a magnet to "catch" a fish in the pool. There will be one Nemo fish and whoever finds Nemo gets a prize.

They will also play "Pin the Fin on Nemo" and be blind folded with a scuba-mask with blue paper covering the eyes. There is also a Nemo piƱata to bust and guests will take candy home in Nemo party bags. The children will also play fish, fish, shark duck, duck, goose.

For food, I'm making blue-jello in clear plastic cups with gummy fish and octopi inside. I purchased blue and orange melting chocolate which I will coat popcorn with and alternate layers of the colors in cellophane bags tied with blue and orange ribbon and a star-fish lollipop stuck in the top. This "fish food" will be given to each guest as a favor. I am also using another submission from this site that suggests making octopus hotdogs by cutting the bottom 3/4 of a hot dog, then boiling to make it curl like an octopus' legs.

Gold fish crackers are of course a staple as well as pb&j sandwiches cut like star fish and fish. I will also make shell shaped macaroni and cheese using the extra-large pasta shells. I will serve crab-dip for the adults as well as other finger foods. When it's time to leave, the children will be given party favor bags consisting of Nemo tattoos, plastic squirt fish, bubbles, and little party-sized play-doh containers.

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