Finding Nemo Party

Fishing with Nemo 2yr - Blue Ocean Punch




Mary Ann in Berlin, MD USA


August 2003



My Son loves fishing and the beach so we decided to go with the Finding Nemo theme.  We purchased all the Finding Nemo party supplies from Birthday Express.  I also went to a store locally to buy orange and lime green tablecloths and balloons.  I decorated outside with lots of balloons using my Son's Nemo toys as balloon weights.

When the kids arrived they were given a sand shovel to dig in our sandbox for buried treasure.  In cellophane bags I buried bags with colored rocks, sea shells, small stuffed sea animals and Gummy Finding Nemo candy (Birthday Express).  My Son loves playing in his sandbox, so this was a perfect activity for the kids.

After the treasure hunt we had lunch.  I made ocean punch (Blue Hawaiian Punch, Pineapple Juice & Ginger Ale), Goldfish crackers, fish shaped ham sandwiches (using a fish cookie cutter), seaweed dip (spinach dip), fruit trays with dip, vegetable tray with dip, Chicken wings and cole slaw.

After lunch I let the kids fish in our "pond" for a while. I overfilled my Son's pool and purchased blow up fish from Oriental Trading.  Since the kids are young we used butterfly nets (from Wal-Mart) to catch the fish.  Some of the kids even wore their bathing suits and went swimming with the fish.  Afterwards, we allowed each one of the kids to take home one of the fish.

During the party I was taking pictures with my digital camera.  I printed out a picture of each child before the end of the party and put them in a fun foam frame (Michael's Arts & Crafts).  The photo frames were decorated with tropical fun foam shapes from Oriental Trading.  Each parent was given the photo and frame to take home.

Where I live we have a lady that makes the best cakes out of her home.  I took her a Nemo book and she created a beautiful under the sea cake with Nemo and friends.  I made homemade ice cream in vanilla, chocolate, and the deep blue sea (vanilla ice cream, blue food coloring & gummy sharks).

All in all the party was a huge success.  My Son had a great time doing the things he loves (fishing and playing in his sandbox) with all of his friends.

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