Finding Nemo Party

O-Fish-Ally Nemo 1yr - Our Little Guppy




jvs&jd in McAllen, Tx


June 2004



Last year my son was born near the time that Finding Nemo came out and so we decided that his 1st birthday would be a Finding Nemo and Friends theme.

To start with my husband designed the invitations on the computer with a scene from Finding Nemo which included all of the characters and my son was placed in the scene riding squirt and on top it said, "You are o-fish-ally invited to my first birthday party." Inside I made it a little personal by saying, "one year ago, on June 12, 2003 a little guppy swam into our lives and we named him Jon Derek. In the past year he has learned so much, how to drink from a cup, crawl, walk, talk, laugh and love. Now he is calling on all his favorite friends & family to help celebrate a wonderful past year and give a big kick off for the next." Please join us (date) (time) (place).

The party was at a private park, there was a covered area over the tables which I hung streamers to look like waves and hung fish to seem as if there was an ocean above the tables. The theme colors were orange and blue; I decorated the tables with blue table cloths and on top and had a glass bowl with a live gold fish in it.

For snacks I filled plastic sandwich bags with gold fish crackers and tied it with a blue ribbon and placed them on the tables. I also had blue and orange balloons at the end of each table. I had a large Nemo banner hanging over the cake table that said happy birthday. For the present table I had a center piece which was three tiers and each tier had a Finding Nemo character and Nemo was on the top tier.

We served hot dogs and chips and had punch for kids and cokes for the adults. The kids were served on a Nemo plate.  The cake was a sheet and on it was a scanned picture of Nemo and his friends it was awesome.

For entertainment I hired a clown and rented a moon jump and sea of balls for the little ones. The candy bags were different I gave the small kids a beach pail with shovel and the big kids got fish bags filled with candies a yo-yo and bubbles. (Pails, bags, bubbles & yo-yo's were from oriental trading)

At the end, each guest received a baby jar which I put water, blue food coloring, fish confetti and glitter to make like a snow globe and attached was a personal note from my son which said, "since my words are limited, I decided to eat what was in this jar have my mom wash and decorate it so that I could give it to you as a thank you for coming to my party." It was a great success and every day since I keep hearing about what a great party I planned!!!! Can’t wait till next year, I am already planning!

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