Finding Nemo Party

Nemo Craft Party 4yr - Dory Craft




Jen in Brookeville, MD USA


January 2005



My son's 4th birthday party was a combination of his favorite things Nemo and crafts, so we had a Nemo Craft Birthday.  I made invitations with alphabet stamps and sea stickers; the theme was set with "Finding Fun" on them.

He wanted to invite some older friends so I asked them to be Mother's Helpers at the party.  The party was marked by signs leading down the path with messages such as "find fun" and "keep on swimming to the party".

Each child entered and fished for their name tag.  We used a bucket, a fishing pole with a magnet on it and each name tag was in the shape of a fish with a paper clip on it.  The children were given visors with fish on them and invited to join one of five craft tables. 

One table had Nemo tattoos, another had coloring pages which I downloaded and copied.  Another table had make your own Dory's, which were paper plates with eyes and triangles (to be used as fins) all set to be glued together and colored. 

Yet another table had make your own jelly fish with paper plates cut in half, eyes and streamers to be glued and colored.  The last table had foam fish and alphabet beads for the children to make necklaces.  Each child was encouraged to go from table to table, make projects and collect them in paper bags. 

We had a Nemo piƱata from birthday express.  The snacks were gold fish, sea creature animal crackers, juice boxes, jello jigglers in sea creature shapes and vegetables.  My son had given me a plastic serving tray with sea life on it for Christmas and loved seeing it used for the party.  The party bags had sea stickers, small bags of goldfish, candy, cups with sea creatures on them and all the goodies they had made that day.

I made a cake by baking a football cake pan and placing it on a rectangle cake which was frosted blue.  I then took cookie dough cut it into fin shapes and put them between the football and the blue rectangle. I decorated the football shape like Nemo to look like Nemo in the Ocean.  It was a great party, the kids had fun and so did we.

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