The Fiesta Celebration

First Fiesta -1yr- La Cucaracha




rebekca in Austin, TX  U.S.


June 2005



For my son's 1st birthday party we decided to do a fiesta. 

The invitations were made using a video editing software.  I had clips of him from birth til present put together and made a "video" accompanied with music.  I then scrolled the invitation up the screen to the tune of 'The Mexican Hat Dance'.  It read:  Arriba!  Arriba!  It's _____ 1st fiesta!  We're cooking up some meat, Get in the mood to party!   The whole event's a treat, So, please don't be tardy! I included outakes at the end as well as credits.  The software I used allowed me to put in a menu's chapter (much like you see when you watch a dvd).  Mine included four chapters:  1)video clips  2)birthday invitaion   3)outtakes  4)credits   The entire dvd ran about 10 minutes. 

The dvd's were mailed to all the guests.   As the children entered we said "buenas tardes, Senor/ita _____.  Pasale!" (Good afternoon, _______.  Please come in!) All ladies (the grown-ups) were handed a rose I made from red tissue paper.  I found instructions on the web by doing a simple search.  

We rented 3 fold tables and chairs to seat 24.  Each table had 3 table cloths.  A red, a green, and a white to mimic the mexican flag.  Plates were set with tags for the head of the house (i.e. Casa de Juan Vega)  Once everyone sat and we prayed, I turned on "la cucaracha"  and explained the door prize would go to the family who found a cockroach under their plate.  (I drew names from a bag the night before to decide who the winner would be) Guests were allowed to eat. 

I allowed 20 minutes before the 1st game which I signaled with a "grito"  (Mexican yell).  My husband does it quite well.  The first activity was pin the mustache on the "vato".  After that, a second grito was sounded signaling it was time for the mexican hat dance.  Then later the final grito signaled it was time for the pinata.   I also kept a gated area where I placed blankets and toys for the younger children and an open area also blanketed with a gymboree tunnel, a truck full of blocks and several beach balls, for everyone during a "lull" time. 

My decorations were simple on the tables- maracas and tissue paper flowers and scattered around were sombreros and other mexican d├ęcor. My "loot bags" were white tortilla warmers (.99 foam I purchased at the local grocery).  I used stencil to trace each child's name, then filled in the letters with alternating red and green sharpie. 

Each had a towel in side with a pretty lime print (the actual fruit) and they were set out on the tables.  I actually had the tortillas inside for the meal.  (We did fajitas, rice and beans).  When the children were ready to leave they grabbed from each of 5 baskets filled with maracas, candy, stickers, bubbles, etc  and placed inside their tortilla warmer.  

I had a wonderful time planning this and I hope it inspires some of you out there!

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