The Fiesta Celebration

Super Silly Fiesta -3yr- Dora Backpack Adventure




Cleveland, TN USA


July 2005


Honorable Mention

A 3 year old Super Silly Fiesta, with a Dora the Explorer theme.

Starting with the invitations, I bought some blank invitation that had a bright colored flowers on the background (hot pink, orange, red, blue) and a flower tag that hung from the side of the invitation by a ribbon. The invitation read, "A Super Silly Fiesta it will be, for a special girl who's soon to be 3, Vamonos! (lets go) to Where the party would be(our Casa, house), time, etc. At the bottom I noted "come dressed to play, it wil be a Dora the Explorer adventure day!" Also, I placed a picture of my daughter dressed in a Dora night gown, wearing a very festive party hat (ribbon, feathers, etc.)that said "it's my party",(it came from a boutique)and the picture was placed on the flower tag that hung from the side of the invitation. (shrunk the image on the computer).

For the party, we started with the front porch. When you came to the door, I had a bubble blower(Walmart, party store)going and a song from Dora theme CD (Kmart) playing popping bubbles (recorded it onto a tape, over and over several times. Also had a sign at the end of the driveway that said "The fiesta starts here" (Put on a childs art easel) with balloons attached.

Once inside there were big Dora mylar balloons (ebay), fiesta flower garland (oriental trading), Happy Birthday sign (with Dora, boots, from Party City), many different Dora themes round balloon (ebay) and all kinds of fiesta flower decorations (oreintal trading). The TV is visible as you walk in the door and we ordered a video (kideo.com) of my daughter starring in a Dora adventure! It was the cutest! People watched the video as we waited for all the guests to arrive.

After about 15 min., we had a scheduled phone call from Dora (nickjr.com), next we had a Dora Backpack adventure. All kids were given Clear different colored backpacks(shindigz.com) with a tag with their name on it. It had a map, binoculars, whistle, and compass.(oriental trading). I made a tape of the music, started with Dora theme song, then played "The map", told kids to get the map out, then played some music from the Dora cd, told them to use their binoculars to watch out for Swiper the fox, (while playing Swiper song). 

We went over cupcake mtn (slide with a cupcake picture), thru the snake pit (small exercise trampoline with plastic snakes on it, and then to treasure chest, where there was a bear on the chest, they blew their whistles to wake the bear. Inside the chest (clear tote with crepe streamers to decorate it) were their goody bags (candy, Dora tatoos, rings)and played the "You did it" song. After that we had rented a Dora bounce house(astrojump.com)and the kids were off to playing outside.

I also had Dora dolls all aroung the house, Swiper and Boots stuffed animals (found on internet)all around. We had an autograph monkey for everyone to sign (oriental trading),Dora pinata, dora cupcakes (Walmart), a festive cake that I added small Dora, boots and Swiper figures to (Walmart toy section).

Behind the table with the cake I had a rainbow curtain backdrop (oreintal trading) with a sign that had Dora and Boots that read "Happy 3rd birthday (childs name)", the rainbow backdrop was to block out light from a dining room window, but it looked great in the pictures. I added Dora hanging ceiling decorations to this too (party city). We served mexican themed snacks (party was at 3 o'clock, since she was turning 3!) We had cheese dip, queso dip and chips and chili cheese dip.

I also had out pictures of the first day she was born(hospital picture), a picture from her 1st birthday party and her second birthday party and picture albums and scrapbooks from her first two years, these entertained the adults while the kids were out playing! This party was a big success and even the adults had fun!

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