The Fiesta Celebration

Elmo & Friends Fiesta -2yr- Taco & Fajita Bar




Cathy in Springfield, Missouri USA


May 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 2nd birthday we are having an ELMO & Friends FIESTA! Since her birthday is in June, we will be having it outside.

Invitations  For the invitations I took a picture of her wearing an authentic sombrero we bought in Mexico sitting next to her giant Elmo doll. Isabel Tiene Dos Anos (Isabel is 2) and Por Favor, come celebrate with us On the back I wrote this invitation is brought to you by the letter I and the number 2.

For decorations I will use primary colors, mostly red. I have several inflatable cactus, peppers, pinatas, etc to put around. I will be playing a sesame street spanish cd. I have also made cute signs to put on things, such as "Elmo knows MESA means table" on the table, Elmo knows GLOBO means balloon on a ballonn, etc. with a picture of Elmo wearing a sombrero on each sign. I am also making a street sign that looks like the sesame Street sign that says Calle de Isabel

Cake- The cake will have a plastic Elmo head deco in the center. I’m going to write Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday) and put primary colored dots all over. I’m also going to write Fiesta on the sides of the cake. Since there will be lots of kids, I will also make Elmo cupcakes. I will spray them red and use sliced marshmallows with an icing dot for the eyes, a rolled out starburst cut in a circle for the nose, and black icing for the mouth. 

Food- For the food I’m having a taco and fajita bar, tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole, and lots of refried beans and Spanish rice. I’m making a red punch for the drink, and will also have sodas and iced tea.

Favor bags I handmade little bags out of plastic canvas with Elmo on the front for each child. They are so cute. They took a lot of time, but I started early in order to finish them all. I put a sheet of tissue paper inside. I made coloring books that were about half the size of regular ones and wrote things like Isabel and Elmo love Globos on a picture of Elmo with balloons, etc.

I also included a small pack of crayons from the $ store that I put a sticker on the outside with Isabel’s Elmo Fiesta a picture of Elmo, and the word Crayones. I then printed out labels for each crayon on construction paper. Example on green construction paper I put a little picture of Oscar, a border design on both sides and wrote Oscar is Verde and wrapped it around the green crayon.

There were only 4 crayons in each box (Red-Elmo, Yellow-Big Bird, Blue- Cookie Monster, and Green-Oscar) so it was easier than it sounds- and they look exactly like the real labels! I also found plastic maracas at the $ store and printed labels that said Isabel tiene dos anos with a picture of Elmo. I made labels for little bubble bottles with Elmo that said thank you for coming to Isabel’s 2nd birthday fiesta in Spanish. I’m also going to put a bag of Elmo fruit snacks and possibly some more Elmo favors if I can get them on sale.

Games/Activities I am renting an Elmo costume with the advice of another entry I took my daughter with me to try it on and it went great. Elmo will bring each child a little cellophane baggie with an Elmo ring and an Elmo chocolate lollypop I will make out of a candy mold and red melts. He will stay to help with the Pinata, and we might play Fruit shake- Apple= hips side to side; banana= hips front & back; grapes= arms up high; orange= turn around. Say commands faster, etc.

When he leaves we will play pin-the-nose-on Elmo using a giant poster and orange construction paper circles. I also made a giant cookie monster with his mouth being cut-out, and made cookies out of Styrofoam and felt to play toss the cookies in CM’s mouth. I also have a small pull-string pinata for the littler kids- it says Fiesta and has some cut-outs of Elmo and friends on it. I also found some Elmo beach alls at the $ store and I have a parachute that they will use to keep the balls up in the air (Mexican jumping beans).

For the adults we will have a Seasame Street trivia sheet and a guess how many jar. I’m going to use chips ahoy mini’s and decorate it - whoever gets the closest wins the jar.

Thank You’s I will take each child’s picture wearing the sombrero with elmo. I made foam frames that again say thanks for coming to Isabel’s 2nd birthday fiesta in Spanish, and have little fiesta-like cutouts. I will put pictures in frames for each child.

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