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Fairy Quest Party -7yr- Scavenger Hunt




Laetitia in Hamilton, Smith's Parish, Bermuda


June 2012


Runner Up

For my daughters 7th birthday we had a fairy scavenger/treasure hunt for her and 10 of her friends. 

INVITATIONS:  For the invitation we used simple bright fuchsia paper, black font with a black silhouette of a fairy holding a flower, rolled into a scroll, tied with a ribbon and sealed with my daughters initial.  The invitation was asking for her friends help in bringing peace to the garden at our new house.

DECORATIONS:  For decorations I had originally intended on decorating the pergola in our backyard with my daughters bedroom curtains, some Chinese lanterns, twinkle lights and sparkly garland I had purchased the year before for her Pinkalicious party.  But it was threatening to rain on the party day so we decorated our dining room instead.  I also used some other items my daughter already had like giant nylon butterflies and flowers.  We also made some giant toadstools out of paper mache and placed them around the dining room.  I used pillows and an old blanket to make a bird nest for te girls to sit in while I gave them instructions when the party started.  I was also going to use this as the spot where they would eat their snack but the rain held off so most of the party ended up being outside as planned.  Outside we had a sign at the end of the road saying Fairies---> and more arrows lining the driveway. 

At the side of the house was a sign saying Laura’s Enchanted Garden.  Near the path in the backyard we had a sign saying BEWARE Trolls!  And a sign by our shed saying Honey Hut.  We also had a sign in the side garden that said Fairies Welcome and a Fairy Workshop" sign made out of hosta leaves.  My daughter painted the letters on the leaves with poster paint and we hung them up on a line using clothespins.  All of the signs were made by me and my daughter using cardboard boxes chalkboard paint and chalk and then gluing on leaves and sticks found in our yard to fancy them up.

ACTIVITIES:  At the start of the party all of the girls were sat in the birdnest and waited for instructions.  The girls were paired up and given a sheet with a list of items they would need to find in our yard 1 birdhouse each feathers pebbles moss tumbleweed tiny bird nest.  Once they found all the things on the list they had to bring the stuff back to the “fairy workshop (aka our carport) and place everything in a heap on the floor.  I had stamped the bottom of each house with a different symbol and the girls picked a tiny scroll from a mesh bag (left by the fairies of course) that had a matching symbol to the one on the birdhouse.  We divided up the rest of the stuff they had found in the yard and they then started painting their houses with pink and purple craft paint. 

Once they were done we moved to the back yard and played a game of pass the parcel  The parcel  a daisy shaped picture magnet was wrapped in 10 layers of butterfly wings (tissue paper).  I used this to hide the first clue of the next part of the scavenger hunt.  I placed another 6 clues around our yard.  At each clue spot the girls collected more stuff to decorate their fairy houses (tiny wooden toadstools butterflies flowers bees - all purchased at the dollar store).  Some of the clues were written backwards so they had to use mirrors to read them properly others were rhymes and they had to finish the sentence.  We tried to vary the way the clues were written.  The last clue instructed them to go back to the fairy workshop to finish decorating their houses and plant a fairy garden.  I bought salad bowls from a discount store soil and flowers from the nursery.

The Fairy houses were placed in the gardens. After snack the girls pieced together all of the clues they had found on the scavenger hunt to make a treasure map that would lead them to a treasure left by the fairies.  The girls had to complete different task around the garden - cartwheels in cartwheel alley hit a baseball at the whomping willow throw a penny into a bucket at the wishing well jump over the stones at the haunted hopscotch in the driveway.  The treasure was hidden near an old stable in our backyard.  Inside were some homemade ribbon wands pinwheels and a smaller treasure box with rings and more things to decorate the houses if they wanted them and a mystery scroll.  We brought the treasure chest back to the house and then the girls made their own fairy dust to sprinkle over their gardens and used what was left to put into tiny vials to bring home. 

The girls then had to make up a song and used the ribbon wands to dance and sing around the yard to summon the fairies to the gardens.  While the girls were doing this in the backyard my husband ran around to the front yard  and hid a message on the front step left by the fairies.  It was in fairy code and the girls had to use the mystery paper in the treasure box to decode the message.  It said Fairy Friends you have defeated the evil wizard and restored peace to the garden. Let's eat cake! 

COSTUMES:  At the start of the party we gave each of the girls a set of wings purchased at the dollar store and a fairy kiss on their cheek (body sticker shaped like a flower) from the birthday girl.

SNACKS:  Between finishing the gardens and the treasure hunt - the girls had popsicles and popcorn on the patio.  For a snack after all the activities I made snails (cheese pizza pinwheels) with sauce for dipping and strawberries packaged in individual picnic baskets (clamshell boxes from the strawberries) for each of the girls some dew drops (water) and fairy nectar (raspeberry punch) .

CAKE:  For the cake I made 6 layer rainbow cake covered in vanilla buttercream icing.  I used rainbow flame candles and the girls all thought that the color from the candles had changed the color of the cake layers inside.

FAVORS:   Along with the fairy houses, gardens ribbon wands, pinwheels, and fairy dust, we gave each of the girls a brown paper bag tied with a ribbon, and clipped with a lady bug filled with a headband, hair ties, a packet of flower seeds, pixie sticks, a glow stick, and a lollypop.  The girls had a blast and we are still getting comments from the parents about how much fun their daughters had!   "

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