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Fairy Party -5yr- Enchanted Land of Lights & Lanterns




Sonya in Winslow, ME U.S.A


June 2011


Special Mention

Since my daughter loves Tinkerbell I decided to do a fairy birthday party for her 5th birthday. We had a nice wooded backyard that I turned into an enchanted fairy land. We could have it outdoors because it was in July. For the

INVITATION I took her past Christmas photo of her in a green dress with wings on and scrapbooked around it. I added some doves in the corners. A little basket with a bunny in it and some apples.Then I added glitter and confetti to the design. I then glued that to the front of a postcard. On the back of the card I designed the text in a fancy border on my digital scrapbooking program. Come to where the fairies roam, An enchanted forest they call their home,The happy fairies will dance and play,To celebrate Jocelyn's birthday. Girls please put on your fairy best, boys your pixie elf too, And let the Fairy Godmother do the rest. Hope to see you fairy soon.

DECORATIONS: To make the woods an enchanted land I painted  big flat rocks in pastel colors and wrote a word on them. Believe, Imagine, Dream, Enchanted and made a path into the woods. At the beginning of the woods I made a sign with a stake in it that said Welcome to Pixie Hollow. I painted big rocks red with white polka dots and orange with white polka dots for mushroom seats. I had my daughter make a big fairy on a posterboard and I added streamers and ribbons to the back and put it in a tree so that it would blow in the wind and make the fairy look like it was flying.

I made a clothesline and hung fairy clothes up so the kids could play dress-up. I also decorated one of the branches with scrapbook embellishments and beads. I also recreated the cutest little woodland elf that my daughter had previously made on a larger scale. I stood him in the wooded scene. I had 2 swings beside the party place so I decorated them with rose garlands. It made a great photo place to.

On one little table I put a wishing jar on it. I put a little fairy in a clear container with sand and confetti in it. I made a label that said Wishing Jar. The kids got to write wishes for Jocelyn and put them in the jar. Before Jocelyn blew out her candles I read 3 wishes from it and those kids all got a small prize.

For the food table I covered long tables with magenta and purple tablecloths and lace cloths over that. I had a little sweet cuppy cake wagon on it that I made. A fairy picture on an easel. I had a fairy photo of my daughter displayed when she was a baby because the kids coming to her party never seen her as a baby. I had greenery and cupcake trays all multi leveled.

I hung paper lanterns from the trees above the table and white lights. I also scattered plastic rose petals across the ground. I also had a big picture of Jocelyn dressed as a fairy displayed on a nice easel. For my son's costume, he just wore a long orange shirt over light blue pants and I pinned felt leaves to his shoulder so he looked like an elf.

ACTIVITIES: I made a mini fairy house from nature that the kids played with. One of the best games was Flutter Flutter Butterfly. Prior to the party I printed out 40 butterflies diecuts and my daughter colored them. I added pixie sticks down the middle of each one. Then I bought 5 colored butterfly nets from the dollar store. At the party I put some of the butterflies in my hand and as I threw them up high the kids had to say Flutter, flutter butterfly and catch the falling butterflies. They wanted to play this game over and over again.

Another game was Fairy Obstacle course. Before the kids could become fairies they had to pass challenges. If they pass them then they get sprinkled with fairy dust. They first had to walk over a brook on a branch, Then kiss a frog. I drew a frog on posterboard and gave him big lips. I put lipstick on all of the kids and they had to kiss him. If you're a fairy you're not allowed to be afraid of spiders, so the kids had to walk through a spider web and get treats off it. I made the spider web using Halloween webbing. Mushroom Challenge was the third game.

I colored a mushroom on posterboard and glued colored circles on it. The kids took turns opening a circle. They had to do the challenge in front of all of the kids before they could win a prize. Some of the challenges were; Dance like a fairy or sing like a fairy. Prior to the party I also gave all of the kids fairy names that I wrote on rainbow name tags. There actually is a website where you can transfer your name to a fairy name for free. The kids had more fun picking out there own name. Some of the names I used were, Star fire, Twixie Pixie,Rainbow Thorn Globber.

FOOD: I cut out fairy pictures from calendars and taped them to toothpicks so they could be cupcake picks. For Jocelyn's cupcake I cut out her picture in a fairy outfit and taped it to a toothpick to personalize her dessert. Since it was summer I had fruit salad, Green punch with ice cream in it. Trail Mix and a veggie tray.

PARTY FAVORS: I bought Tinkerbell loot bags. In it I put a fairy wood colored pencil, hair accessories, and paper bracelets that I made that had a spring theme and sparklers since her birthday is the week of July 4th. For more fairy party ideas or just to envision what I am talking about you can see my party blog. This exact party is posted with complete photos. creativeplayhouse@wordpress.org or com

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