Fairy Party

Enchanted Forest (5&6yr) Fairy Village & Flower Headband




Tina in Belleville, Illinois  USA


August 2012


Special Mention

This party took weeks to plan and create the decoration for, and it was worth every minute.  The girls were amazed and loved how I turned the living room into a forest.  They actually hid from their parents when it was time to go home!!

INVITATIONS: I used fancy text and printed my own invitations (about 3 1/2 wide by 7 long). It read In the enchanted Forest not so far away Lives a garden fairy Cailyn who will be celebrating her 7th birthday! Please join us for a treasure hunt face painting and some cake too this magical celebration would be so much better with you! Feel free to wear the fairy costume of your choice and bring your wand (so we can catch the gnome)"  I then mounted the invitation on pink cardstock.  I punched a hole in the top left corner and attached a fairy wand I purchased at the dollar store.  I attached the wand with ribbon.

DECORATIONS: I took 2 refrigerator boxes and turned them into archways.  I painted them brown and hot glued vines and flowers to them. I attached green streamers to the back of them so the girls had to go through the arch before they could see what was on the other side.  One archway was right at the front door. I hung green streamers from the ceiling to the floor so they couldn't see the room until they went through the arch. I painted a sign on the top of the arch that said "Enchanted Forest". The second arch led to the "fairy village". I placed it at the back of the "forest". 

I took 2 more refrigerator boxes and made 7ft tall 3D trees.  I then paper mached over them and painted them.  I hot glued tall fake grass and flowers near the base of the trees and small birds on the branches.  I used cardboard old telephone books and 2 liter soda bottles to make giant 3D paper mache mushrooms for the forest. I hung fake ivy along all the windows covered the furniture with green and brown material and had fake flowers and moss all over the place.

I used the green outdoor carpet and cut it to form a path through the room and placed flowers along the edges.  I hung giant felt butterflies and dragonflies on the walls. I put the 3D trees along the path. The second arch led to the Fairy Village. This was the area where the cake and ice cream was.  I hung silky green material from the ceiling to the floor to separate this from the rest of the room. In this area I hung light pink and green tulle from the ceiling and had bunches of moss and fake birds and butterflies all around. I had a pink bucket with white polka dots on it as a centerpiece full of fake flowers that we used in a craft we did.

ACTIVITIES: When the girls arrived they all went to put their costumes on. Each girl got a flower headband that we had made and a pair of fairy wings we bought at the dollar store. Then we introduced them all one at a time to music and they came in to model their dresses before they got their faces painted. Then they went to the fairy village and found a special note from the fairy queen.  It read "The evil Gnome has stolen the fairy treasure"

There was a photo of items that were stolen attached and the girls had to go back into the enchanted forest and find the hidden items. They used butterfly bags that we placed on their chairs to collect the items they were looking for. After the scavenger hunt was over we took the flowers in the centerpiece and made flower pens out of them.  We used floral tape to attach them to regular pens.

GAMES: Catch the Gnome - A game of freeze tag where the girls chased the gnome around and tried to tag him with their wands.  To get unfroze the gnome had to sprinkle candy on the ground. This continued until the gnome was out of candy.  To fill the time in after cake and icecream we played "Pass the Bird" (just like hot potato only with a bird and with their eyes closed).  We also played "Who Has the Ring?" (girls lined up with their hands behind their back and one girl had to guess who had the ring) 

COSTUMES: I made a tulle skirt for the birthday girl and each girl wore their favorite fairy costume.  They all had wings wands flower headbands and painted faces.

CAKE: I made a 4 layer tiered cake. I covered it with vanilla frosting textured it and added 3D butterflies on the top and sides.

FAVORS: The party favors were the items the girls had to find in the scavenger hunt. Butterfly mirror necklace flower bubbles fairy stickers and note pad candy necklace and a butterfly change purse."

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