Fairy Party

Fairy Party -9yr- Flower Pot Ring Toss




Jeanne in Newtown, CT, USA


March 2011


Special Mention

Around my daughter's 9th birthday she was interested in mysteries so as I was searching around the internet I found a fairy site that had a dark fairy and also games. 

For the INVITATIONS I simply used card stock and printed a beautiful picture of fairies running in the moonlight that I got off the game website on the front.  On the inside I wrote a synopsis of the party and put all the party details. 

For DECORATIONS I decorated our finished basement with lavender tulle netting and pastel pearlized balloons.  I hung silk ivy had fake flowers in pots on the tables.  The two tables I had set up for crafts had a pink table cloth and the other had a more Fall looking one with leaves on it.  I had a lime green butterfly garland hanging on the wall and a lavendar butterfly hanging from the ceiling.  We have a white board hanging on the wall and on it I wrote "welcome fairies and humans to the Festival of Games".  I downloaded "fairy music" from the internet and had it playing softly in the party room. 

As the girls arrived I had my daughter give them wings if they were playing fairies which I had found on the internet for 1.50 each and their character information.  If they were playing a human girl they just had to wait a few minutes to get their wings.  There was also a simple craft to keep them busy as everyone was coming that my daughter had left over from a couple years before.  They were little foam fairies that you attach wings and skirts to and decorate with glitter glue. 

To start the party the fairy girls revealed themselves to the human girls and asked them to join them for the Festival of Games.  The first game was called Stumbles.  You put colored stones or marbles in the center of the circle and one girl starts by telling their character name and their favorite pet flower gemstone or other character information.  The next girl has to then tell the previous girls info and add hers the next girl has to now remember the two girl's info before her and then add hers and so on.  When someone forgets they have to pick a stone and then they start over with their info.  We played a few rounds of this.  Next we made fairy head garlands. 

I found green flexible floral wire in the dollar bin at Target I measured my daughter's head and cut two pieces of wire.  I wound them together to make the crown for the garland.  Each girl got a crown and then I gave them a strand of ivy some colorful silk flowers ribbon and other embellishments I had found at the craft store.  They could attach their items with those green twisty tie things you find at the grocery store.  I happened to have a whole box of them.  They all came out very pretty and the girls wore them for the rest of the party. 

We then played two GAMES; Flower Pot Ring Toss--I put floral foam in a couple of flower pots and put in some pretty silk flowers.  The kid's had to try and throw the ring around the pots.  I had about 4 pots out at different distances.  They each got a few throws and wanted to play a second round of this as well. 

The next game was Pixie Dust Relay.  They divided into two teams single file.  I gave the first girl in each line a spoon and a pixie stick.  On "go" they had to open their pixie stick pour it out onto the spoon and get to the other side of the room where I had two bowls set up for each team.  They poured their dust out and came back to the line and gave the spoon to the next girl in line who did the same thing.  The team that finished first won.  We played two rounds of this as well.  It was a little messy but nothing a good vaccuming would't clean up! 

Next we did an art project.  They each got a 12x12 piece of card stock colored paper.  I gave them various items to make fairy art out of: colored stones and small pepples (found at Christmas Tree Shoppe or craft store) small colored feathers paper diamonds shapes for flower petals small pretzel sticks for sticks glitter glue.  They were very creative and artistic creations.  After that we went up to my dining room to decorate fairy cakes. 

I had unfrosted cupcakes and made small bowls of colored frosting in blue green pink and yellow.  They also had M&M's flower petal sprinkles and heart sprinkles to decorate with.  They used craft popsicle sticks to spread the frosting. They didn't eat the cupcakes right away because it was time for the mystery part of the game.  They found out that a dark fairy who was amongst them had tried to poison the human girls because they wanted to stay and become fairies for real. 

The girls had to go on a "recipe hunt" to find clues that would lead to the antidote for the poison.  I hid many clues all around the house that they had to find and little by little these clues would eliminate certain fairies from being the assissin based on their character information.  The girls had a lot of fun running from place to place looking for the clues and trying to figure out who the dark fairy was.  It was funny when they figured out who it was.  After that they ate their cupcakes.  Then we had a pinata opened presents and it was time to go home. 

For GOODY BAGS they got pinata candy a glow bracelet and a colorful sticker sheet related to the theme and they also got to keep their wings and took home their garland artwork and fairy craft. 

We had 8 girls in all and the party lasted 3 hours and everyone seemed to have a really fun time.  I wasn't sure how fairies would go over with 9 and 10 year olds but they loved it!     "

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