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Disney Fairy Friends -7yr- Butterfly Craft




Kimberly in Cumming, GA USA


February 2011


Runner Up

INVITATION -For the party invitations, I used pictures I had taken of my daughter with each of the Disney fairies while on trips to Disney World. Shutterfly had a 5 by 7 birthday invitation that you could create online using 7 photos and it worked out perfectly because I had pictures of my daughter with Terrence, Vidia, Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn, and Rosetta. The pictures took up most of the room on the invitation, so the message was short: A sprinkle of Pixie Dust and a whole lot of fun (name) is turning 7 and we hope you can come!” followed by Date, Time, Location, & RSVP. The invitations were sealed with Tinkerbell stickers. 

DECORATIONS -I had the party in my neighborhood clubhouse, which is just one big open room. On the wall behind where the girls ate, I attached a huge tree made from green and brown butcher paper. The tree had light green leaves attached to it that looked similar to those in Pixie Hollow. Around the trees, I also had several large pink flowers (cut from large pieces of pink construction paper). Several more of these flowers were taped to the doors and windows inside the clubhouse.

Above one set of double doors, I draped lime green streamers twisted together to look like a vine and from the vine I hung more of the light green construction paper leaves. If I would have had more time to decorate before the party, I would have also made some mushrooms to attach at the bottom of the walls and maybe some butterflies to place up higher. In addition to the trees and flowers, I covered 5 round tables with lime green tablecloths. 3 tables were for the girls to do crafts at (4 at each table), 1 was for gifts and 1 was for the adults to sit at while eating cake. In the center of each table, there was a small bucket with the Disney fairies on it that I found at the $1 spot at Target. These buckets contained small Ziploc bags with a foam butterfly craft in them for each girl) Tied to each bucket was a group of 3 balloons (lime green, white and yellow).

There were also two long rectangular tables where the girls sat to eat. These tables were covered with Disney fairy tablecloths and set with fairy plates and napkins and lime green spoons and forks. In the center of the table, I had a toy Disney fairy house (borrowed from a friend) that also had balloons attached to it (one was a large Tinkerbell shaped balloon-found at Party City on sale for $5). One of my favorite decorations was my daughter's small fairy dolls that I hung from every other blade of the ceiling fans using fishing line. I positioned the fairies at different heights and they looked like they were flying up above the girls. They loved it! 

ACTIVITIES -We did 3 crafts for our activities. The first craft was to paint a wooden ladybug (found at Michael's craft store for 30 cents each). The girls placed a magnet strip on the back of the ladybug, then painted the front red. I told the girls that Fawn (the animal fairy) had left the ladybugs for them to paint (because fairies paint ladybugs in the Disney fairy movies)

While the red was drying, the girls began their second craft. First they put sparkly flower stickers (found at Michael's for $1) on tiny clay flower pots (also found at Michael's) and then they planted seeds in them. These tiny pots came with seeds and also soil that needed to be soaked in 3 TBSP of water to make it expand. I told the girls that Silvermist (water fairy) had left the water and that Rosetta (garden fairy) had left the seeds and flower pot. I premeasured the water into small clear cups for the girls to pour onto the soil. Once it had expanded, they added their seeds. Extra seeds were placed in tiny plastic bags and added to their favor boxes to take home.

After planting the seeds, the girls went on to their third craft. I found a cute little foam butterfly craft kit (Michaels) for the girls to create (since Tinkerbell puts things together, I told them she left this craft). The butterflies were lavender with lime green bodies and lime green pipe cleaner antennae. This was a peel and stick craft so the girls had no trouble doing it. The butterflies came with tiny wooden clothespins so before the party, I hot glued the body of the butterfly to the clothespin.

Once they decorated their butterfly, they clipped the pin onto the top of the flower pot. Now the ladybugs were dry and it was time to  paint the head black and add black spots using the end of the paint sponges (perfect size for the dots). Most of the girls were age 6 and 7, and while they were doing their crafts, they kept telling me that this was fun. They really enjoyed every part of my daughter's birthday party and I enjoyed putting it together with the help of my mother, step-dad, husband, and a few great friends!

 GAMES -After doing crafts, eating cake & ice cream, and opening gifts, the girls played outside. My daughter actually made up the idea of Vidia's Fast Flying Fairy Freeze Tag. They also used their imaginations and ran to a small area with trees and shrubbery behind our neighborhood clubhouse and pretended this was Pixie Hollow where they escaped to from the humans (the adults at the party) as we tried to catch the fairies. 

COSTUMES -When each girl arrived, I put a fairy dust star on their face using a little bottle of glitter and a tiny star wand that I bought at the sales table of the Peter Pan 360 show that came to Atlanta recently. I've never seen these anywhere, but maybe you could find one online. I also had gold glitter hairspray to (from Claire's) to spray in their hair. I told them that this was Pixie Dust left by Terrence. They were also each given fairy wings to wear. I found these at the dollar store in red (Rosetta), blue (Silvermist), orange (Fawn) and green (Tink). I had several of each color, so each girl was able to choose the color she wanted. The wings were hanging on the backs of each chair so they worked as a decoration until everyone arrived. I told them that Queen Clarion had left wings for each of them to wear. 

PARTY SNACKS -We had an afternoon party so we kept the snacks simple. We had bottled water for the adults and pink lemonade for the party girls to drink. We had a Disney fairy themed cake along with a choice of strawberry or chocolate ice cream (in the individual sized cups-so easy!) and Chex Mix. 

CAKE -Publix has a beautiful Fairy Friends themed cake that we purchased. It has all of the Disney fairies on it. The fairies on the cake have a stamp on the bottom and the cake came with an ink pad to use with them after the party. 

FAVORS -The favors included a balloon (there were 12 in our decorations and since there were 12 girls, I gave each of them 1), the fairy wings, the flower pots, butterfly clips and ladybug magnets they made. I also had small lime green favor boxes (found at Walmart) for each girl. These included a glow stick bracelet (from Iridessa the light fairy), pixy sticks candy, fairy themed stickers, rings, stick-on earrings, and a pencil.

I glued the following poem that I wrote on the outside of each favor box: Terence left pixie dust for your hair, Queen Clarion left wings for you to wear, Rosetta left seeds for you to sow, Silvermist left water to help them grow, Tinkerbell left a butterfly to create, Fawn left a ladybug to decorate, Iridessa left a bracelet that will glow, And the pixy sticks are from Pixie Hollow, I hope you had a fairy good time! Love, (name)

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