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November 2010


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My daughter is really into fairies and especially Abby Caddaby from Sesame Street, so when I asked her what she wanted to do for her 4th birthday, she said she wanted an Abby Caddaby Fairy party!  

Invitations:  I found large pink stars with Abby on them at the Dollar Tree.  I used them as the invitations.  I printed out the information on the back of each star in pink, blue and purple and then attached a small magnet with a pop up foam square.  I also put a small blue rhinestone on the back to give it some more sparkle.  This was a lunch party, so we had it from 11 am to 1 pm.  This allowed for the girls to have fun and then go home and have a nap!  The invitations were hand delivered to each of her friends due to their size.  They were able to put them on the fridge as a reminder. 

Decorations:  Abby's favorite saying is That's so magic!, so we made that the sign on the front porch, with Fairies in Training right below it.  I used pink paper that was strung into a banner with pink curling ribbon.  I then painted the letters with pink, purple and blue glitter paint.  I attached the signs to sparkly flowers and attached the flowers to the house going across the door.  To set the mood we had theme music from Sesame Street playing in the background when the girls arrived.  In a table in the main room, I had a small decorated treasure box surrounded by silk flowers. 

There were also sparkly silk flowers in all the colors of the rainbow, around the rooms.  I took regular silk flowers and coated the tips of them in glue.  Next I dipped the flower in glitter.  These were used later on in one of the activities.  For the dining room I bought a light pink tablecloth, dark pink plates, purple cups, blue forks and white napkins for the table.  I put together a balloon bouquet for the centerpiece, along with a toy Abby doll.  The doll was holding the balloons.  I found a Mylar balloon of Abby and put it together with a purple, pink, white and blue balloon.   

Food:  For the lunch, we had fairy noodles and cheese.  I made noodles by hand the day before the party.  I dyed them pink, purple and blue.  I pulled them through the noodle cutter and then cut them into confetti sized pieces.  I made a white cheese sauce using butter, flour, milk and white cheddar cheese to cover the noodles.  I also made fairy bread.  This was pretty easy.  All you do is take soft white bread and cut it into star shapes, or whatever shape you want.  You butter it and put sprinkles on top.  Since pink, purple and blue were the colors of the party, I used those colored sprinkles for the bread.  For the drink I made sparkly fairy punch.  This was lemon-lime soda mixed with cranberry juice so it was pink.

Finally I made Abby cupcakes.  I made them using pink strawberry cake mix and frosted each cupcake pink, purple, or blue.  I found a picture of Abby online, shrunk it and copied it and printed it out on cardstock.  I then attached each picture to a bamboo dowel (shish kabob ones) that I had glued the curled pink and purple ribbon to and placed it into the cupcake.  I finished by dusting with iridescent sprinkles.  For the candles I found my daughter's name spelled out in individual candles.  I put one of the letters in each cupcake so that each girl could blow one out after my daughter did.  For the rest of the cupcakes I used pink, blue and purple candles.  It was more candles than four, but each of the girls got to blow out one, so it worked. 

Activities:  I found white cardboard fairy wings on Oriental Trading Company.  The girls were each given a set of them and a box of crayons to decorate them.  I bought elastics and pink and purple curling ribbon.  I made each of the girls their own Abby hair by tying the ribbon around each of two elastics.  I then curled the ends so it would look like Abby's piggy tales.  I put each of the girls hair up in the two piggy tales. I found pink sparkly tutu's at the local Dollar Tree and bought one for each of the girls.  I also bought sparkling star wands that were purple, pink and white on Oriental Trading Company.  I tied curling ribbon to them and gave one to each of the girls.   I dusted each of their cheeks with some pink face glitter to finish the effect. 

After the girls were outfitted in their Abby gear, we took a group picture that was used later as the thank you card.  I then led them into the other room for their fairy school.  My teenage daughter dressed up as Abby's fairy godmother.  We bought a big white poufy dress.  The dress was actually Giselle's dress from Enchanted, which I found at a Disney Outlet store.  I also bought white wings for her back.  I made her a wig by using pink and purple curling ribbon.  I attached it to a small crown and it hung down her back and around her face.  This took quite a bit of ribbon to cover my teenager's head.  Finally I applied sparkly make-up to her and bright blue eye shadow like Abby has.  She was given a very special wand and had on a fairy wing necklace. 

She had each of the girls stand up and practice some magic words.  Two of the characteristics of Abby's magic words are that they are in dragonfly language, and they rhyme.  We worked out several different rhyming spells ahead of time that the fairy godmother taught each of the girls.  I had a little bit of iridescent glitter that the fairy godmother sprinkled as she did the magic, so it looked like real charms.  One of the adventures that Abby has on Sesame Street is to find the key to a special treasure box.  We used this idea for the next activity. 

After the girls had learned the magic that they would need to find their own special key, we sent them on the adventure.  This was set up like a scavenger hunt, but was fairly simple.  It started with the fairy godmother giving them a clue on a sparkly white scroll.  The clue brought them to a different part of the room.  I placed different silk sparkly flowers around that were the places they needed to go to perform their charms.  Once they had said the specific charm correctly, the flower was lifted up to reveal the next scroll.  The fairy godmother went with them from flower to flower, and whenever they got the charm right, she sprinkled the iridescent powder in the air to show they were right.  They really thought they were doing magic!  When they had gone through all the flowers, the last flower, a big pink sparkly one, had the key to the box attached. 

Rhyming clues and charms: Go to the place with glass bubbles, (this was a display of water globes). 

Charm:  Cadooba, Mazoola, Troubles to Bubbles! Go to the place that has a picture of the birthday fairy (this was an end table with a picture of my daughter). 

Charm:  Ringler, Blingler, in a while you will smile! Go to the place where the plant is green (this was a plant on the half wall). 

Charm:  Snickle, Trickle, blow and you will grow! Go to the place where you can rock (this was a rocking chair). 

Charm:  Boggie, Woogie, you tip but still sit! Go to the place that is magical in Snow White (this was a big mirror).  Foolu, koolu, giggle and jiggle!  You did it!  Now go unlock the treasure!  For the treasure box, I found a locking one on Oriental Trading Company.  It was a little bland looking, so I used hot glued to attach pink, purple and blue jewels to it. 

The girls took the key over to the box and opened it up.  Inside were necklaces that I had made with the same fairy wing charm that the fairy god mother was wearing.  I used thin pink wire and put a simple clasp on either side.  Next I put a crimp bead on either side of the fairy wing charms in the middle of the necklace so it wouldn't move around.  Each girl was given one out of the treasure box to show that they had become true fairies. 

Our final activity after eating lunch and opening presents, was to watch Abby in Fairyland, which is a version of Alice in Wonderland.  This quieted the girls down before I sent them home to their parents. 

Favors:  Each girls received a pair of wings, a box of crayons, a wand, two Abby piggy tail hair scrunches, a pink tutu, Abby tattoos that I found on OTC, a pink, blue and purple lollipop, fairy candy, and a fairy necklace. I also found a coloring page of Abby and printed it out on white cardstock.  I placed the tattoos, coloring page, crayons and lollipops in a pink Abby gift bag.  The rest they wore home. 

Thank You:  Each girl received a printed out picture of them in their Abby fairy gear during the movie, which I printed in pink writing on the back, Thank you and I Gotta Poof! This is another famous Abby saying.  These were signed by my daughter and placed in the gift bags during the movie.  This was a great party for twelve, little four year old girls.  The girls had a ton to do, were really focused and laughed their way through the party.  It was definitely a - That's so magic kind of party!

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