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March 2010


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For my daughter's 7th Birthday party - she wanted a Flower Fairy Birthday Party at home. Her name is a flower name so it was perfect! It is also the perfect time of year to find all sorts of flower decorations for the coming of Spring. We chose a Saturday afternoon party from 12:00PM til 3:00PM. We invited all the girls from her class and some family and friends. The total number of girls at the party were 18 girls ranging in ages 2 to 12, but mostly the girls were 6 and 7 years old from her class at school.

For the invitations I found a wonderful company on line that has a beautifully designed Flower Fairy Invitation that you can custom design your own wording - www.amyadele.com. I took invitation wording ideas from this site and others and I wrote a poem - Peek into the Garden and what do you see? A flower fairy named Rose sitting under a tree. She is turning seven and only you can make her Flower Fairy Birthday complete. So join us in the Fairy Forest for magical games and fairy tea and earn your wings to keep." Then I put the date and time and address and RSVP. I sent the invitations about 3 1/2 weeks before the party.

For decorations ~ For the Surprise Flower Fairy Celebration room I covered the ceiling in our dining room into a fairyland with Tulle and flowers and flower lights when the girls were sitting at the table they were under this magical canopy. On the table I put beautiful cloth flowered tablecloths and put a beautiful flower fairy garden decoration as the centerpiece. I cut 3 different sized paper plates into a flower shape - the bottom large green plate I cut petals the middle sized purple plate I cut waves around the edges and the small pink plate I cut waves - it really looked like a flower! I made butterfly straws that went in plastic colored fancy cups. I spread butterfly and flower confetti on the table.

For the nameplate on the table my sister made flower pens by taking artificial flowers and using floral tape to attach them to the top of the pen and then I placed the pen into small clay pots that I covered with jewels and a round sticker with their name I filled the pot with iridescent easter grass and so that the pen would stay in the pot I used the floral block. It was a pen and pen holder for their desks at home!

The entire room was filled with big cloth glittered flowers I found at Christmas Tree Shop and tissue flowers and flower garland around all the windowsand vases of real roses. I also found beautiful rub on fairies that I put on the windows so there were small fairies flying on all the windows. I made a flower fairy mobile that hung off of our dining room chandelier with ribbon and stickers from the Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy books.I put a sign on the door - DO NOT ENTER ONLY FLOWER FAIRIES ALLOWED and I closed the door it would be a surprise for later in the party.

For the craft room I decorated with flower streamers and balloons. When the girls arrived they went into the two craft rooms and made fairy jewelry out of pony beads and fairy treasure boxes with jewels and flowers and color your own flower fairy stickers. I put out snacks of veggies and dips cheese and crackers and all kinds of chips. When all the girls were present I asked all the girls to sit in the living room and I brought out a Secret of Fairies book and asked them about fairies.

I asked them "Has anyone ever seen a fairy?" The girls were silent and then one of them raised her hand and said yes! The girls were in awe. She really saw one and said they looked like dragonflies. Then we had a whole talk about different kinds of fairies and the special FLOWER FAIRIES  - one of the girls lost a tooth that morning and was going to be visited by the tooth fairy that evening! Amazing!

Then I told them that we received a message from the Flower Fairies that the Evil Fairy of the Dark Forest has taken all of their magic and that it is up to us to save the flower fairies! Do you think we can do it? And they all shouted YES!! Then I gave them directions to follow on the FLOWER FAIRY ADVENTURE - they must do it all together and they must follow one clue at a time or we won't be able to save the Flower Fairies. Then I asked them what do fairies do? And one said "FLY!" and I said " You're Right so get your coats on we need to go and practice flying!" And off we went out of the house into our lower part of our driveway where we had our bounce house set up and the girls "Practiced Flying." I also had face painting and paint a small fairy statue and driveway chalk for the girls who were not "Flying".

Then I hid a clue under a rock and told the birthday girl to find the first clue. Which brought everyone into the backyard for the FLOWER FAIRY ENCHANTED ADVENTURE! I found an amazing company that makes beautiful fairy items and they are so affordable - www.haloheaven.com. For each clue the girls got a different piece to become a real flower fairy. Clue 1 -  A skirt which I hung on the tree branches Clue 2 - fairy halos Clue 3 fairy wands Clue 4 little bags of fairy dust and then I invited all the girls to look into our garden at the fairy house we built out of sticks and found items from our backyard and right there was a WISH BOX that the Flower Fairies left there with fairy dust inside and all the girls were invited to sprinkle fairy dust onto the house for the flower fairies Clue 5 we played flower pot ring toss and Clue 6 golden eggs with bells inside as the last clue - and I told the girls "When bells ring a fairy gets her wings". WE DID IT! We made it! And now it is time for all the girls to earn their wings and become a real Flower Fairy. We walked around the house onto our front steps which I had decorated with flowers and glitter and a large garden fairy that held a sign - WELCOME FAIRIES for the Wing Ceremony!

When each girl received their wings they receive their special certificate and new fairy name which was read outloud to everyone. Some of the names were - "Jasmine Twilight - Iris Joy - Sweet Pea - Rose Wishbeam - Marigold Sunshine." Everyone cheered!  At the end of the ceremony we celebrated saving the flower fairies and we went back inside the house into the Surprise Celebration Room. The girls were amazed and the parents were in awe! I played the Tinker Bell soundtrack music and the girls at lunch of flower sandwiches Fruit wands Small squares of pizza little cupcake cups filled with fruit loops marshmallows and choco chips - they drank pink lemonade. We then played freeze dance and danced in a fairy ring like flowers. I told them fairies are wonderful friends and there is a special fairy friend hiding in the room for them to take home. They each found this special fairy and they came up with new fairy names for their fairy friends.I found these on Oriental Trading - fairy bears.

Then we played Fairy Bingo with easter colored m&m's for markers. I told the girls they would all get a prize out of the prize box which was filled with dollar store prizes. They loved the BINGO! Then we had a beautiful Fairy Cake and flower cupcakes. All the girls got to take home a Fairy pocketbook filled with Flower Garden seeds rose shaped lollipops flower erasers pizie sticks fairy stickers and rings. When each girls left the party she had everything to be a real Flower Fairy right down to the seeds to plant her own garden at home.

It was an amazing party! I thank this site for all of the great ideas and the beautiful Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairy books for inspiration. I got phone calls from some of the parents thanking me and that it was simply the best birthday party they have ever been to and that their daughters are still talking about the party and how fairies are really real."

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