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Fairy Party -5yr- Fairy Poem Invite




Jessica in Jacksonville, FL, USA


August 2009


Special Mention

INVITATION  For my daughter's 5th birthday, we planned a fairy themed party.  The invitations read,   In the land of the fairies where pixies fly and roam, Sits a little fairy friend who calls this garden home.  Her birthday is near and she wants you to say That you will share in the magic on her very special day.  Have your fairy godmother drop you off at 10. You'll transform into a fairy before she picks you up again.  We'll drink crystal bubbles from raspberry fountains, With pink fairy cakes of frosted mountains  So come to the garden and sit with your friend, You'll laugh and have fun, on this you can depend! 

DECORATIONS For decorations, we hung assorted streamers from the chandelier to the outside of the dining room and called it Pixie Hollow.  We had silk flowers strewn throughout the house and welcomed the girls into Neverland. 

ACTIVITIES Upon arrival, the girls were asked to draw one puzzle piece out of a silk purse.  On the puzzle piece was a picture of one of the Disney fairies.  They were to take the piece to the dining room table and find the matching pieces and put together their full puzzle (the puzzles were about 8x10 and I made them by gluing pictures of the fairies on and then cutting them into puzzle pieces; cost about $1 each to make; each puzzle had a code on the back such as T for Tinkerbell so the girls could find the matching pieces if they had trouble). 

Once they finished their puzzle, they were taken to the Home Tree where I'd assembled fairy costumes of every color (bought online, GREAT quality and inexpensive) and allowed to choose their color wand.    Once all the girls finished their puzzles and got their wands, they headed out throughout the house to find a miniature version of their puzzle fairy (so if a girl had put together a fairy puzzle of the fairy Rosetta, they went looking for a 3 tall figuring of Rosetta hidden in the house somewhere).  Their wands were supposed to guide them. 

GAMES After they each found their fairy, we came back to Pixie Hollow and played Tinkerbell Bingo (bought at Walmart).  As each girl found a Bingo, they were given matching tutus to go with their wands.  Then we moved to the family room, where we had set up big, foam cut outs of flowers on the floor.  We played musical flowers (aka musical chairs but sitting on the floor on the flower cut outs).  As girls got out they were taken to pick out their matching wings. 

Following lunch, we played a game my mother made up during my childhood called Magic Candy.  You have a huge bowl of candy and one plate.  Each girl was given a bag and one girl left the room.  While she was gone, the other girls picked the Magic Candy (one piece off the plate).  When the girl comes in, she picks the candy one by one until she picks up the chosen piece and everyone shouts, "Magic Candy" and she has to stop.

 For 5 yr olds, it only worked if each piece on the plate was different since some couldn't decipher between an orange lollipop and a red one as the magic candy; also, at this age, some get upset if they only get 1 piece and their neighbor got 12, so I made sure to dump the entire plate into their bags after they finished their turn so it was just for fun.  As they get older, the competitive aspect is what makes it fun, but not at age 5.  The girls loved it and two actually asked me over and over to play it again.  After everyone went once at Magic Candy, they received their matching halos, which made their fairy transformation complete. 

PARTY SNACKS  After receiving their wings, we had lunch.  For lunch we had turkey and ham sandwiches, cut into flowers, pretzels wands (large pretzel sticks with melted chocolate and sprinkles on the end), fruit/yogurt parfaits, and raspberry punch in glasses lined with sugar (dip the edges of a glass into orange juice and then dip into sugar).  Even the moms loved the food because it was healthy and it was so yummy! 

COSTUMES As mentioned above, each girl received a full fairy costume, piece by piece, throughout the party.  I ordered them online through a bulk distributor (who allows you to order by the piece, which most do not) and who makes HIGH quality wings, halos and tutus.    If I'm allowed to share the website, it was http://www.haloheaven.com/.   I am a mom who found a great site and thinks all moms of little fairies would be so happy to find them! 

CAKE  Following their fairy transformation, the girls sat down for cake.  We ordered the Disney Fairies cake from our grocery store and it was simply breathtaking (waterfalls, flowers and the full set of fairies who can be used later as stamps!).   

FAVORS For favors, they got to keep their full fairy costume (it was funny to see how many of the girls politely handed them back to me with a very depressed look on their face only to be exchanged for one of excitement when they were told they got to keep them!), their figurine, their puzzle, Disney Fairies pens and pencils, all of their magic candy, and pixie sticks.  Also included in their bags was a small container of fine silver glitter with a label we made that read: By the rules of this fairy dust, you must abide: Just sprinkle some dust on the plants found outside! With the help of the magic, the plant life will grow, So the branches, the leaves and the flowers all show!

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