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Disney Fairy Party -10yr- Pixie Tag




Renee in Wausau, WI USA


January 2007


Honorable Mention

It is often hard to try to make a theme such as fairies into a party for an older group, however my soon to be 10 year old wanted a Disney Fairy party because she just loved reading the books. As a teacher, and a mother of 4, I am pretty good at planning parties on a budget.

So here it goes:   The invitations read on the cover-Do you believe in Fairies? inside it said-All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of Pixie dust! Callie is invited a few of her favorite Pixie's to join her at the 2nd star to the right (address) for a fairy" good time!!! I included the 1st page of the fairy book as well they are always the same but the difference is they change the fairy's name I substituted the fairy's name for Callie's to give them background.  

As the girls arrived I brought them to a wall of flowers and leaves and vines taken from the pictures out of the book. I shared with them the story of Lily's Pesky Plant. In order the 1st girl to arrive picked an envelope from somewhere on the wall.

This was the first game. We called it the Pesky Plant Puzzle Pick. I took each of the 7 fairies from the Disney Fairies website and I blew the pictures up glued them on cardboard and cut them into a puzzle. Each envelope held a fairy puzzle. When they put the puzzle together that is who they would represent for our fairy party. They then went to the table where a mini poster was found that described their fairy. (website again) http://disney.go.com/fairies/homepage.html   We have a hot tub so each of the girls got ready for some hot tubbing. Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon deals with Rani not having wings so she learns how to hold her breath under water. We are having a hold your breath contest.

For fun our next game will be to find Tink's hammer. In Trouble with Tink she loses it. I had 7 hammers one for each girl hidden outside. In Wisconsin in winter it is cold. You could hide them inside. They grabbed their shoes found their hammer outside and jumped back in the hot tub. When the girls were all pruney the got out got dressed and came to the table for Great Berry Battle. We made sudae's with berry toppings being judged on the masterpieces they were.

After the treats we headed to the family room for an indoor (or if you want outdoor) game of dodgeball. May the best fairy win. We threw beanbags so it wouldn't hurt too much.   Fira and the Full Moon has a part in it where Fira is searching for a way out of a dark cave. Target sells the big dolls. We have two. I hid them in two "dark" places in our house. I took pictures of the dolls in all different parts of the house. Each picture that is taken leads to the next picture.

For example: I took one with Fira on the staircase. They find that spot and another picture is there to lead to another clue. When they find that new spot a picture clue is given for the next clue. The first team that finds it gets a prize. I gave each girl a Tinker Bell fridge magnet I found at Target.   To slow the pace down again we played a game called a Masterpiece for Bess. Named after the Disney book.

We had found a Disney Magic Artist Fairies book from Barnes and Noble. Each girl needed to draw a picture of the fairy she was but the trick was that they had to use the hand that they typically don't draw with. It was a hoot to see the artists try to draw a picture with their opposite hand. The girls all received drawing books that I made for each of them. Then they could try their hand at it at home.  

To end the games we played Pixie tag. I game each of the girls a small bag of "Pixie Dust". I named the birthday girl "it". If you got tagged another fairy could unfreeze you with a little bit of pixie dust upon your head.   As prizes I gave each of the girls the following: A keepsake bag of Pixie dust one of the Disney Fairy books a different one for each in hopes that they would trade the Tink magnet the fairy drawing book and a few "Pixie" sticks tied in a bow.  

Other ideas: The girls could also make crowns similar to Vidia and the Fairy Crown. We did not however another game would be finding the lost crown which happens in the book. Another game that could be added from the Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg is a egg toss game. Winter and indoors does not have a good setting for an egg toss though so we passed.  

The food: We made our sundaes we also had cake I used a round cake and I decorated it like Pixie Hollow using the small fairy dolls that we got from Target. We also had a platter of fruit that they could make into kabobs.  Did the girls come believing in fairies? One may never know. At 10 they try to be so grown up however did they have a "fairy" good time. I believe…they did."

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