Fairy Party

Flower Fairy Party -8yr- Fairy Quest




Linda in Palo Alto, CA USA


March 2007


Special Mention

Our party was a Fairy Quest for a group of eight girls (all eight years old). It went very smoothly!  This is the script to our fairy quest... (Merlin was the big brother, age 10, reading his lines from the script taped inside his Guiness Book of World Records.)  Welcome to the fairy quest! I am Merlin, the wizard of the fairies, and I will be your guide through this mysterious trip through the land of the fairies. I have in my hands the laws of the ancient rune of the tribe of Flower Fairies. The rune tells us how to bring joy to the fairies, and if we make them joyful, they will provide us with a mysterious fairy gift.  

You must complete a series of tasks.  To succeed, you must not only do the tasks but do them properly.  The fairies believe that you must not rush,  They will only provide their gift if the whole group works together.  All of the tasks in this quest must be done with care.  If you find a clue, the clue must be read aloud with all of the questers present. A different person must read each clue, or you must read the clue together.  Does everyone understand the fairy's directions? 

1. Your first task is to find the magical fairy items on this list. You must find these things OUTSIDE in our yard and put them all in your bag. You may work in large or small teams, but everyone must be on a team. You may add other small but interesting nature items that you find. If you can't find everything in our yard, then an adult will take you further to look  (Hand out a copy of the list on the bag to all of the girls.) When you find all of the items, return to me.  - 2 y-shaped twigs -

1 straight twig - 1 piece of moss - 5 seeds - 2 pieces of bark - 5 pine needles - a feather - a flower - something curly - something empty - something flat - something scented - something soft - something that can be tied - something that floats - something smooth 

2. Excellent! Now, use the things you have found to build two houses for the fairies, on white table on the deck. Take care to build them well we want the fairies to want to come live in these dwellings. If you need more materials, you may add them. 

3. Decide with your counselors if the fairy houses are suitable. If not, then give the questors red sprinkles. If it is, then give them a spoonful of fairy rocks (pop rocks). Say: If your fairy house is suitable, the fairy rocks will sparkle in your mouth. Do they? 

4. Give the questers the clue to treasure map location. Say: Read the clue together OUT LOUD, then go forth and find the map  this clue will tell you where to seek.  The key to the garden is sunshine and air, And one other thing to keep all flowers fair. What could that thing be? Well when you find out You'll find a good map in a thing with a spout. (Treasure map in watering can) 

5. Treasure map leads to buried treasure box. In treasure box there are some Oriental Trading Company nylon butterflies and a note: Each person must carry five butterflies on the back of their hand to the fairy houses. They must be used to decorate the fairy houses. No two flowers or butterflies of the same color can be next to each other. When complete, ask the wizard for the next step. 

6. Say: Oh no! The tooth fairy was bringing her coins to the fairy house, but she crashed and scattered fairy coins on the sidewalk, which look a lot like pennies. Each person must bring exactly five fairy coins to the fairy house, and place them in a circle around each house. 

7. Say: Excellent! Now there is one last step to completing our houses: fairy dust. Go inside, remove your shoes, and await instructions for making fairy dust. After you make your fairy dust, each person must gently sprinkle some of their fairy dust over the fairy house to bring the magic to the house. (Fairy dust made in cups or small porcelain containers, including glitter, dried rosebuds, dried lavender, dried cinnamon, dried mint, rosemary, and other lovely smelling things.) 

8. Decide with your counselors if the fairy house is suitable. If it is not, then give the questors some red sprinkles. If it is, then give them a spoonful of fairy rocks. Say: If your fairy house is suitable, the fairy rocks will sparkle in your mouth.  

9. Say: The rocks have told us that the houses are complete. Now we must tell the fairies! You must write a letter to the fairies, inviting them to live in the fairy houses you have built. Each person must write at least one line of the letter and sign their fairy name by their line. Put the letter in the mailbox, and return to the living room.  

10. Say: Now you must call the fairies to the mailbox, in a way that they will hear. Find the bells in the living room, and make up a fairy tune and play it three times. Each person must have one bell.  (During this time, mom goes outside and puts out the fairy flowers and the message by the house.) 

11. After the song, say: Now, it is time to check to see if the fairies have come to the house. Go outside and check. We will know if they have come because they will have left a message there about where the treasure is. (Mom has meanwhile left the coded message there.) 

12. Ah good, the fairies are pleased, and they have left you a message telling you where they have placed their gift. But, their message is in fairy language! Fortunately, I have the key!  (Hand out copies of the key) 

13. Find the treasure (magical mood rings), eat fairy cake, and hand out pop rocks and fairy flowers/butterflies in golden bags as party favors, plus the containers of fairy dust.

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