Eloise Party

Eloise Theme -6yr- Tiaras, Beads & Boas




Shanan in Long Beach, CA  USA


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

Eloise   For my daughters sixth birthday, we did an Eloise theme based on the book by Kay Thompson about a little girl who is six and lives at the Plaza Hotel in NY. 

The invitations were printed off of our computer.  We used bright pink card stock and a fun font.  We used wording from the book like skibble, rawther and late, late, late.  The invitations were for the guests to come and have tea at the "Plaza".  They were also asked to dress in black and white.  We then photocopied a picture of Eloise onto velum.  We attached the velum and pink card stock with a shear, black, wired ribbon that was tied in a bow.  They came out adorable.   

As the guests came in, they were greeted with three baskets.  One contained bright pink marabou boas.  The second contained bright pink sunglasses.  The third contained tiaras and silver beads.  All of these items were inexpensively found at a local party store. 

The guests were then asked to get dressed for Tea.   We took a picture of all the guests dressed in their formal ware.  We then headed out to our back yard for a few party games. 

Each guest was given a bright pink balloon that was filled with a little trinket.  On GO, they were asked to stomp on the balloon until it popped.  Eloise is not known for being quiet.  We also played our version of hot potato.  We used a plastic Skipperdee or turtle.    We held the party in our formal dining room which acted like the "Plaza".  

For party ware and decorations, we used black, bright pink and silver.  We used a black plastic table cloth with white paper doily place mats.  The plates and silverware were all in bright pink.  We also purchased plastic tea cups and wrote each guests name on their cup in bright pink paint pen.  The cups acted as place cards as well as part of their goodie bags. 

We then had balloons galore in silver, black and bright pink.  We have a big picture window that we were unsure how to decorate.  So, we used a bright pink window paint pen (instead of lipstick) and wrote ELOISE in the same style that is found in the book.  We photocopied different pictures of Eloise and placed them around our "lipstick" written Eloise.   

For the food, we kept with our tea theme.  We made tea sandwiches in PB& J and cheese and ham cut into triangles.  I also had apple slices and strawberries with fruit dip as well as clear plastic cups filled bright pink jello squares.  Instead of a traditional cake, we did cupcakes.  We baked chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in the silver foil cupcake holders.  The icing of course was bright pink. 

We stacked a smaller cake plate on top of a larger cake plate and placed the cupcakes around.  The effect was a big cake without the mess of cutting a cake.    When my daughter opened her presents, the movie "Eloise at the Plaza" by Disney played in the back ground.  This kept the guests occupied instead of clammering over each other as presents were opened. 

As the guests left, we handed them a black lunch sack that was filled bright pink tissue.  Each bag also had each guests name written on it in the bright pink paint pen.  They were then able to put their boas, sun glasses, tiaras, beads, and tea cups safely inside to take home. 

It was a unique theme and all the guests all had a wonderful time.

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