Eloise Party

Eloise Party -6yr- Think Pink




Denee' in Belleview, FL


November 2006



My daughter had an "Eloise" themed b-day party. My dining room is red so we already had a good background. Eloise's motto is "Think Pink", so the all the table cloths were pink. (Sine the drawings in the Eloise books are mostly pen & ink I used black plates, cups & plastics.)

For tabletoppers I printed on card stock various pictures of New York City (Eloise lives in The Plaza).  I glued tiny clothes pins to dowel rods various lengths of dowel rods (3" to 6") and painted the stick and pin black and stuck it in a piece of styrofome covered in black material. The clothes pins were a chic way of holding those pics of NYC. 

Each place setting held a pair of sunglasses (another reference in the books.) Eloise has a pet turtle named Skipperdee so I ordered a turtle craft for an activity. Eloise also has a pug dog. I had a friend drew the dog on a piece of card board and I colored him in with markers and the kids played pin-the-tail on Weenie.

I had our local bakery stripe a 3 tiered cake light and dark pink. (More reference to the Eloise books.) I scanned from the book various poses of Eloise and stood them up (printed on cardstock) on the tiers of the cake. The top tiered cake topper was The Plaza itself. (More printing from the internet on cardstock.)

The part that was gross to me, but thrilling to the kids (mostly girls) were the pink ramen noodles. (Ramen noodles cooked according to directions, drained, seasoned and mixed with red food coloring.) We served pink punch with those pink noodles, pink cake, it was definitely a "think pink" day!  (If used, please credit me.)

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