Eloise Party

Eloise Party -6yr- Pink Quilted Bag Favors




Mara in Niagara Falls, NY USA


August 2004



For my daughter's sixth birthday party, she just absolutely had to pay tribute to the most famous, or infamous, six-year old of all time, Eloise! 

Since there is very little Eloise merchandise out there, I had some searching to do.  We had the party at a hotel of course, it was a swimming party. 

For invitations, I scanned a picture or Eloise, then put it into Photoshop and reversed the image and changed the hair color on the "second Eloise" to brown (like my daughters).  The card was tri-folded....the front had the image of Eloise with the famous first words from the book..."I am Eloise, I am six." 

When you opened it, the second Eloise, made to look like my daughter said "I am Rose, I am going to be six."  Because the image was reversed the two girls were looking at each other.  The particulars of the party were put in the middle. (date, time, etc) 

I made tissue paper flowers in light pink and hot pink (the colors on the front of the book) and put them into pots for the centerpieces.  I color copied a picture of Eloise and laminated it and put it into the pot.  Balloons topped off the centerpiece around the centerpiece on the table I sprinkled pink candy including candy lipsticks since Eloise has a habit of writing with lipstick. 

The favors were the hardest to track down, but I did it.  I found a seller on Ebay who had wholesale lots of items and I purchased 12 pink quilted bags with Eloise embroidered on them.  (Since it was a swimming party, I didn't have to spend any money on games, crafts, etc so I splurged on one nice favor.)  I put them in white shirt boxes and put a large white ribbon on it with a pink tissue paper flower on it.  It was classic and adorable. 

For the boys, it was hard to find an "Eloise" favor so I tracked down a turtle beanie baby that looked just like Skiperdee and I put a pink bow around their necks just like Skiperdee.  I tied a tag onto the turtle that said, "Eloise has a pet turtle and now you do too."  A picture of skiperdee was on the tag. 

Balloons were hot pink and light pink and so were the cupcakes that we had.  Cupcakes are so much easier than cake when you are having a party away from home!  I bought Eloise notecards to use as thank you cards.

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