Easter Birthday Party

Glowing Easter Hunt - Nighttime Egg Hunt




Amber in Healdton, Oklahoma, USA


April 2009



This year for our big Easter party we did a combination of 2 parties. We started by sending out eggs with candy a piece of paper that said your invited to the Goodin's Easter Party. We also handed them a full size invite with all the details. We started around 4 p.m. and ended at 11 p.m.

We did a Wild for Jesus" party which we bought from Oriantal Trading. We bought a banner matching cups and plates we also bought the blow up safari style beach balls to toss around the yard. They had di cuts with safari animals that said Jesus is King of my Jungle Salvation Safari and other VBS sayings. We used those as decorations around our fence.

After everyone arrived we did our traditional easter hunt for the smaller kids. We had a few that were around 14 hunting as well but mainly 7 and under. Instead of filling the eggs with candy we had huge bags of candy favors and other things for prizes.

After everyone counted their eggs they turned them back in for their bags of candy. We let the kids who collected the most pick there bags first. This went on till all the bags of candy were gone. Well actually we had a few extra because we didn't want any of the kids to feel like they didn't get to pick there style of bags.

We then painted the eggs with glow in the dark paint. This took a long time since we had about 1200 eggs. While the kids were painting my husband was grilling and mingling with his buds. This gave me the chance to mingle with the other moms while the kids had fun. We served hamburgers hotdogs chips dip and punch.

Once that was over we ate and then ran around till it got dark. When the sun went down the party really started!!! We took our glow in the dark- egg shaped bouncing balls lizards and hand painted eggs and tossed them all over the yard. We took and lined the kids up at one end handed out flash lights and told them that there was going to be 1st 2nd 3rd prizes awarded for each age group. [2 and under 3-6 7 and up].

We had a small snag come up-- The glow in the dark wasn't as bright as we hoped for so the younger ones were having trouble finding the lizards and stuff. It turned out great though because then we had the adults out there laughing hunting and really spending quality time with there kids.

When it was over their parents didn't even have to tell them to say thank you for having us over-- They just kept coming up saying how much fun it was and they'd be back next year. It was the greatest feeling ever!!!"

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