Easter Birthday Party

Easter Party (2-4yr) Egg Shaped Pizza




Nachole in Somerset PA USA


July 2008


Special Mention

I decided to have a Easter Party for my two sons.  I started with the invitations.  I took a piece of cardstock and folded it in half.  I placed a foam sticker(Michael's) of a boy bunny holding an egg and a paintbrush and beside the bunny I had a work bench with Easter eggs on it.  I wrote at the top Hop on over to the Easter Bunny's Workshop and on the inside I wrote all the info. 

For the decorations I started with the outside.  I had plastic eggs hanging from the trees, plastic carrots sticking out of the ground with a sign that read Easter Bunny's garden, a big stuffed bunny sitting on a chair on my front porch with a basket of eggs that my sons made from styrafoam and paint.  I also had a big Wooden Easter Bunny in my front yard holding a Happy Easter sign.  On the front door I hand a sign made from cardboard that read Easter Bunny's Workshop.  For the inside decorations I had plastic Easter eggs hanging from the celling.  I hung them with fishing line so it looked like they were floating in the air. 

I had the kids table set up with Easter bunny plates, table cloth, napkins,  a plastic Easter cup that the kids got to take home and blue silverware.  Beside each place setting was a jelly bean chick.   For the center piece I made an Easter basket out of salt dough.  I lined an oven safe bowl with foil and pressed the dough inside the bowl and baked it.  For the handle I took two pieces of the dough and twisted them together. I attached the handle with hot glue. I painted the basket and filled it with Easter grass, chocolates that I made and jelly beans.  I had another table set up with markers, Easter stickers and plasic white Easter eggs(WalMart) for the kids to decorate however they wanted. It kept the kids busy until everyone arrived. 

Once everyone got there we ate Lunch.  We had carrots and dip, egg shaped pizza(pizza dough rolled out in the shape of an egg and decorated with your favorite toppings), jello jelly beans, and bunny cupcakes.( I made the cupcakes and then decorated each one with blue or pink iceing.  Next I cut a large marshmallow in half and dipped it in pink or blue suggar and placed it on the cupcake for the ears.  Then I put two mini marshmallows on for the nose and two chewy candies for the eyes) 

After Lunch we played games.  I told the kids we were going to take a tour of the workshop.  I led them to the egg painting room.  I had my sons stuffed Easter Bunny with a paintbrush in one hand and an egg in the other behind a cardboard box decorated to look like a work bench with paint cans on top.(empty vegie cans wrapped in constraction paper and paint dripping over the top of the can) Beside the Bunny I had another box on the floor with different color paint cans inside of it.(empty baby formula cans decorated the same way) 

I told the kids that the Easter bunny needed help painting the eggs.  The kids took turns throwing a white plastic egg into the paint cans and which ever color the egg went into they got to pick a prize out of a basket that was the same color. The prizes were carrot bubbles, wind up bunnies, stuffed bunnies and chicks. 

We headed to the Easter basket room.  I had a big box painted and sitting on a table with a stuffed chick beside it.  Each child got a turn to help the chick make a basket.  They turned a handle until a basket came out of the other end. (Before the party my husband rigged it up that when the kids would turn the handle a Easter Basket would come out of the other end on a conveyer belt) 

After everyone got there baskets it was time for the Egg Hunt.  I hid a ton of plastic eggs out in the yard.  I had it sectioned off into three age groups. Three and Under, Four-Six, and Seven and up.  The older kids eggs were filled with small candies and toys. I had the jumbo eggs for the three and under kids so I could put bigger toys that they couldn't choke on and cheereo's and other snacks inside them. There was also white eggs hiden.  Enough for each child to get one. 

After the Egg Hunt we went back inside and the kids got to put there egg into the chocolate making machine.  This was made up the same way as the basket making machine except I cut a hole on the top of the box that each child got to put there egg into.  When the kids turned the handle a big chocolate bunny came out of the other end.  I made the bunnies from a mold I got off of Ebay.  After everyone got there bunny it was time to go home.  It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to start planning for next year.

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