Easter Birthday Party

Easter Birthday Party - Easter Game Ideas




susan in mit chell indiana usa


March 2006



Easter birthday party!!  Every year easter is near either my son or daughters birthday.And as a party lover,i always hold a easter party b-day combo!

The invitations are simple,go to a coloring page and print various easter pages.The kids love to color them,and simple time,place,date,info on back is fine.You should hand deliver all thats possible,make sure you mail the ones you need to 2 weeks in advance so if there are questions they can call.Using state or town parks weather permit are great ideas!there is so much to do and include into the party!

You can grill hot dogs and hamburgers,add cool sides like deviled eggs,jello eggs,chips etc...Games are a must!

Egg roll-make teams, mark off point,have 1 against 1 at a time start at one end and roll the egg to the other end in a race fashion,using only their nose!1st team to run all the players thru sucessfully wins! Spoon race another good 1!

Make teams,mark off pt,line up and 1 teamate at a time races to other end and back with a raw egg on a plastic spoon,if they drop it,they must gather what they can back to the spoon and continue to their point then back to line for the next to go.1st team thru it wins!

Set up an area to decorate eggs to,its fun!  Use markers and stickers!  Simple!  Good idea is to ask the guest on invitations to bring a dozen of non colored eggs!Pass the egg,another fun one!  Sit in a cirlcle,and play like "hot potato"to music,when the music stops the one with the egg is out!  The last 1 left wins!!

Then of course an egg hunt!Make sure the younger kids have a area easy for them.The older kids get harder areas.Make sure to include special prizes in the plastic ones!  Numbers that mean a special prize hid in them are a good idea!Groups total eggs atfter hunt,redeem numbers they find in eggs for prizes and the 1 with the most from the groups wins a prize!Usually a easter basket of goodies!!

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