Dress Up Party

Beauty Salon -4yr- Ice Cream Sundae Station




Holly in Miami, FL


January 2005



I celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday with a "Beauty Salon/Dress up" theme.   

I purchased picture frames at the dollar store.  The girls decorated the picture frames with jewels (purchased at Michaels). 

I set up my back patio like a beauty salon.  It got four little round tables and put flowery fabric tablecloth; each table was a different station.  They were labeled:  Nails, Makeup, Hair, Dress up.  I had bought lots of makeup, nail polish and hair barrettes, colored hair spray, etc. My friends and family served as the "stylists" and they each took a different station. 

After getting their hair, nails and make up done, they went over to the dress up station and put on dresses, hats, necklaces, etc.   

Next was a fashion show.  The girls went inside the house and took turns stepping out to the back patio.  I took out my Karaoke microphone, put music in the background and my friend introduced the "runway models" and what they were wearing. 

I took a digital photo of each child after the "transformation", then put the photo in the frame that they had decorated. 

For food, I served finger sandwiches, salads, meatballs, etc and had juice boxes for the girls. The plates, cups, etc were dress up theme (bought from ShinDigz online)  

The "cake" was composed of cupcakes decorated with flowers on top.  I put the cupcakes on a three tier cake stand.  We cut out leaves from green paper and taped them to the outline of each tier of the cake.  The cupcakes then rested on top of the leaves. 

To accompany the cupcake, I set up a Sundae station, complete with ice cream, whipped cream, sundae syrup, gummy bears, crushed oreo cookies, peanuts, and marshmallows. Each guest (with their mother's help) made their own sundae. 

For party favors, I bought clear plastic purses with a zipper.  I wrote each guest's name with white permanent marker.  Then I put a candy necklace, lip gloss, bracelets, notepad, pen, candy and a rag ballerina I bought at the Dollar store.  

Event the moms (and grandmas)joined in on the fun.  We put on hats, boas and purses and took pictures with our daughters and with each other.  These were great posterity pictures!  My daughter and her friends were thrilled with the party.  It was just a beautiful, girly afternoon.  I still get compliments from it.  It was great fun putting it together.

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