Dress Up Party

Princess Dress-up -4yr- Crown Craft




Rosa in Rye Brook, New York USA


January 2005


Honorable Mention

I held a Princess Dress-Up party for my daughter's 4th birthday party. 

I downloaded a Crown from Microsoft clipart and using Microsoft Word to create her invitation.  After printing it I cut around each crown and together with my daughter we decorated each of them by gluing gems to the tips. 

As the guests arrived on the day of the party we first had them decorate their own crowns which I created by drawing a pattern and cut them out of foam sheets.  Since the foam sheets I used were 8x12 I had to cut two sets per crown and glued one end together and glued velco on the other so the kids open and close it to their size. I used pink foam sheet for the girls and blue for the boys.

We invited 12 girls and 11 boys. Using a round plastic appetizer trap with multiple sections I put gems, shapes, glitter glue pens, foam letters and other things they could use to decorate their crowns. That kept them busy until all our guest arrived and then I called to tell them it was time to get ready for the ball. 

I lead them to the play room where I set up a rack with princess costumes for the girls and kings and knights costumes for boys I rented.  I also converted my son's train table to the accessories table by draping a princess pattern paper tablecloth and included the gloves, wands, jewelry, tiara's, the boys had shields and crowns (the rental company also gave my swords which I didn't put out).  I also included a full length mirror so they can see themselves. 

Once dressed they had some free play enjoying their new looks.  My daughters party was right around Easter so I included and egghunt tell them it was time to look for the glass slipper.  I had plastic eggs filled with small toys. 

I then banged on a pan telling them it was almost midnight and they had to hurry and change back before the 12th dong.  They all changed out of the costumes while I setup the cake and desserts.  I then called them for the crowning of the princess and they all got to wear their crowns they made. 

For favors I included a pair of dress-up shoes (I shopped around and got for under $3 each, pearl necklace, rings, princess stickers and lipgloss from oriental trading)for the boys they got a dragon, medieval stickers and a ball. 

Everyone had a great time including the boys.

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