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Zina in Cedar Hill, Texas


Feb. 2004


Honorable Mention

My daughter is 6,turning 7 years old and she has a 3yr. Old sister turning 4 in a month. The party is for my six year old, but I have 4 nieces also who are coming to the party who are different ages (between 3 and 6). This is basically a solution of what to do with the little ones. It is a Make-Up/Dress-Up/Tea/slumber party.

I am making the invitations from decorative stationary and cutting them into the shape of lipstick and holepunching them and attaching costume tennis bracelets to them. The invitees must wear them for entrance into the party. I decided to make the party into "centers" so the girls would have free play after the planned activities. Plus they will rotate beteen the stations in age groups.    

They will be able to make their own individual pizzas, and for an activity I have bought foam purse kits that the girls can sew together themselves. I bought lip gloss, notebooks and pens that are actually faom that match the purses, and candy for them to to put into them as well as a ring and bracelet tha tme and my daughter will make together. I am getting the birthday cake air brushed with my daughter's picture on it (dressed up like a princess at a tea party).

I have a formal dining room, so the four older girls will be seated in throne type chairs decorated with tulle and ribbon. I have a chandelier above this table which I thought would add to the "ambiance". I have table cloths and ballons galore to add to the atmosphere. They will then have a tea cup party complete with tea sets. The 3-4 yr olds will have their own table where they will be able to have their own tea party, decorated similar to the older girl's table complete with tea cups, saucers, etc.     

I still had from last Christmas a pretend salon complete with swivel chair and mirror with lights around it and accessories for the girls to dress up and put their makeup on. I have a freestanding clothing rack that I am putting dress up clothes, hats, and boas for them to freely choose from. All of their jewelry and makeup will be at separate stations so their won't be so much chaos.

After dressing up, my brother is a journalist/photographer and I have arrange for him to take black/white photos and color photos of the girls in front of a backdrop that I will handpaint with the eiffel tower on as though they are in France,that I will place into velour/beaded frames for each to take home.

The other center they will be able to move to is the karaoke center once they have dressed up, where I have numerous instruments, music, and microphones for them to sing to their hearts content. I am also designing a "stage" really just a backdrop on the wall and christmas lights around it.    

And to end it all, they can pass out from exhaustion watching an array of "princess" movies I have. I know this sounds complex but I have plenty of volunteers and I used to be an event designer. I also am starting the party early to allow for anything that may come up.

Besides they are kids and sometimes everything you plan may not actually happen, but at least there is plenty for them to keep busy with. Not to mention the kids, even the 3-4 yr. olds are very well behaved. (of course they think they are 20 yrs. Old)

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