Dress Up Party

Glamour Girl -7yr- Glamour Gift Bags




Stephanie in Orofino, Idaho Clearwater County


February 2002


Honorable Mention

THE GLAMOUR GIRL PARTY:  My 7 year old daughter has always been fond of dressing up so this year I decided to give her the make over party of a lifetime!  I started by sending out invitations that she and I made.  We drew and cut out stars and traced them with glue and glitter. These made really cute inexpensive invitations.

After the invitations were sent and the date was set I got down to business.  I made gift bags out of material that had stars and Hollywood on it.( cut cloth length you desire, fold in half, sew up the two sides, hem the top and run a string through it so that after you fill it you pull the string and close the bag) Inside the bags the girls all found sunglasses, lipgloss, rings, body sparkles, lip shaped suckers, hair pretties, and nail polish.

The cake for this party was the real challenge and after days of deliberation I decided to make a cake that would look like sunglasses. This cake was much easier that I thought it would be.  I baked a regular cake and froze it.  I then cut out the shape.  I frosted the cake with bright blue and used purple sprinkles to accent the rims of the glasses. I star tipped the lens part in with a light blue and embellished the whole cake with a bright yellow border and gold sprinkles.

Party food called for finger foods. Star shaped cheeses and meats with crackers, veggie platter with ranch, fruit bowl (watermelon cut in half served as a bowl )the fruit was shaped in stars also, and Jell-O jiggles that were shaped as sunglasses and stars. 

As the girls began to arrive I gave each one an old yucky outfit.  Once they were dressed in these I began to smear cookie crumbs on their faces, blacked out a tooth, and ratted their hair.  We were now ready to take the before pictures.  Once the before pictures were all taken we started our "makeover". 

Each girl got to pick out a outfit (We had thrift store formals) and accessories I helped each girl clean up and started hair, makeup, nails, and jewelry.  I then started their after shots.  I took the pictures on a digital camera so we had our pictures right away. The girls had an absolute blast with this and changed outfits over and over.

As a craft they used their pictures to make a portfolio of themselves and used my scrapbooking material to cut out designs to decorate their books.  At the end of their books each child had a autographed picture of the other girls that attended the party with them. 

We then ate our cake and did presents.  At this time my daughter gave all her friends their own gifts that we had made for them. This party was an absolute kick and the girls all had the time of their lives…  In fact a couple of the girls asked us to do this party for them.

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