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Dress-up Party - My Mom the Photographer




Charlie in Melbourne. Vic, Australia


Sept 2002


Special Mention

If you do have a bit of money to spend this is the party for you. Warning! This is a detailed party plan. I hope it helps.  

We will be HIRING A PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST!   She's a friend but we don't get her cheap lol, $35 a head for hair and make-up. I have 8 girlfriends coming so that's $230 <aus> 

HIRING SOME PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT!  Lights, those cool umbrellas like in the movies lol (they make the light really soft so you look smooth), a backing light and a tri-pod to hold the digital camera that we're borrowing from a friend. You can use any old sheet as a back drop. We don't actually know how much this will cost but an estimate of about $200 is given from me to you :) 

HAVING A BUTLER!  This is a great fun idea and all you need to do is get your dad or an uncle or any male to be your butler, which includes waiting on all of your  girlfriends, serving you all drinks, heeding your every order. Its hilarious and it means the birthday girl or the mother doesn't have to worry about making sure the quests have what they want. Its also cool because you can tease him and be bossy and cheeky, it makes your guests feel special and classy.  

DECORATING THE HOUSE A LOT  For decorations, a have chosen a colour scheme (purple and gold) I am having streamers twisted and hung along the top of the wall with two balloons at each corner or join, (this is hard to explain) okay what I mean is, you have two streamers right!...then you loosely twist them, then you grab both ends (start and end of streamer twist)  Then you stick both of the ends up on the wall letting the middle of the streamer twist loop down a bit. Then, where you have stuck the end of the streamer to the wall you cover with two balloons. 

So you end up with, two balloons then a nice loop of streamers then two balloons then a loop of streamers etc. this is located very high up on the wall almost on the ceiling.  I am having a gold or purple table cloth (probably gold because lighter colours look good on a table spread) then I will sprinkle that with confetti (like sequence or, or jewels, or glittery stars and shapes, NOT little colorful pieces of paper, everything has to be glamorous and quality)  I'd say $30 would get balloons, streamers, confetti, table cloth.  

HAVING GROOVY AND INFORMATIVE INVITATIONS.  We have designed and created our own invitations, (we went to a paper shop that specializes in invitations and such things, they have a beautiful range of colour, style and texture. They also usually supply all the things you need to make them also)  You must tell them to wash they're hair and face (nails if you are inviting a nail technician) and not to wear any make-up.  

We are also telling them to bring they're fave CD and a camera for fun snap shots, (you wanna get heaps of pics of all your friends and family all made up glamorous)  I'm also keeping this party secret, so the invitation will be a complete surprise.   (another thing to remember is to tell them the dress code, for my glamour party I have said fashion/evening/glamour)  lol, my auntie paid for the invites for a present, they cost $50, but that's outrageous, I'd only spend $20.   

USING MOTHER AS PHOTOGRAPHER.  Luckily my mum use to study photography and has experience in the field. We have decided on some nice poses and with the right lighting and great make-up what can go wrong!)  look around in magazines or the internet for some appropriate poses.  Everyone should get a portrait but you should also have group photo's, (E.I. sisters, best friends, cousins) then one big group photo!  

FOOD, MUSIC, GAMES.  No comment except that we have groovy plastic champagne glasses that really gives the party a classy feel.  Spend $30 for food and prizes. My auntie is a great cook and is making me a yummi birthday cake. 

THANKYOU GIFTS  you don't have to worry about thankyou gifts so much, seeing you are paying for the make-up and photo's. but I had some really nice card left over from the invites so I'm going to make some nice frames so that everyone can go home with they're glamour photo in a groovy frame. (after all the photo shooting, my mother is going to pop out to k-mart and get some photo's developed) 

EXTRAS  um, because everyone I have invited is 15 or over, you can be a bit more sophisticated with the food. Instead of "birthday cake" I am having a exquisite rich chocolate tart. And instead of those yuki white plastic cups I'm having clear champagne shaped glasses (plastic still) and I'm having candles everywhere, candles are really good, they make the place look more mature and mystical. 

Oh and this party is in the day and afterwards the party shall be heading down to the cinema in a mall to show off our new look. I have chosen my two best friends to sleep over  , so those candles and my dvd player wont go to waste :)  I hope this will inspire you to have a make-over party, every girl loves being made-over and watching all of her girlfriends being made-over, its just the best of fun.  And everyone looks good in professional make-up so everyone will feel good!

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