Dress Up Party

Girls Will be Girls -5yr- Who's in My Purse?




Diane in Covington, Washington USA


January 2002


Honorable Mention

Girls Will be Girls party:  For my daughter's fifth birthday, I sent vellum pink-striped invitations with a border of purses, shoes and makeup. I computer-printed "Hey, Girl!  Hope you can make it to Lauren's birthday party!" and the usual particulars on it. 

About a half hour before the party, I smeared a little craft glue on the tops of plain mirrored compacts so that the glue would be tacky when the girls got there. As each girl arrived, she glued sparkling "gems" and white glitter from a craft supply store on top of her compact, and I set it aside to dry while the party continued.  They turned out gorgeous! 

We played "Who's in My Purse" where one girl sat in the center of a circle blindfolded.  The remaining girls shuffled places and I handed each of them a picture of an item which would typically be found in a purse, such as a cell phone, lipstick, money, car keys, etc.  The blindfolded girl said, "Who's in my purse?" and pointed in the direction of one of the girls. 

The girl tried to disguise her voice and responded, "It's me, I'm your [lipstick]."  If the girl in the center correctly guessed who was speaking, the [lipstick girl] then became the one to be blindfolded.  I made sure that each girl got a turn to guess at least once. 

The next game was "pin the lips on the lady" where I drew a large glamorous face on white poster board and each girl had a different colored set of lips with a tacky backing to pin on while blindfolded.  The closest to the correct position won (in this case, the birthday girl--she peaked). 

The cake was a simple two-layered cake with candles from a party store, each in various shapes of makeup and perfume. 

For party bags, I found clear makeup bags in a purse shape at a discount store, and fabric painted a girl's name on each with a different colored flower.  Inside I put their sparkly craft compact, a candy-filled cell phone, lip gloss, pony-tail holder, notepad with pretty pencil, and small nail polish. 

I took a digital picture of all the girls together and placed a copy of it in each girl's party bag before they left. The girls really had fun. Did I mention that I got rid of Lauren's big brother for the duration of the party?

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