Dress Up Party

Dress-up Tea Party -4yr- Shank Button Rings




Teresa in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada


January 2002


Honorable Mention

I held a dress up tea party for my 4 year old.  She had her 4th birthday party in April and shared it with a friend, so I decided in August to have a tea party for her. 

To make things easy I assigned a color for each girl and their outfits were decorated in those colors. I made hats by placing a paper bowl upside on a paper plate and covering it all with tissue paper, then tied streamers around it for the girls to tie it under their chins, we also decorated them with glitter glue and tissue paper flowers.

My daughter and I made beaded necklaces and bracelets. 

We also made shank button rings, I went to the used clothing store and bought a bag full of big chunky shank buttons, then took about 2-3" pieces of pipe cleaners and wound them through the buttons and in a circle to make rings (6 for each girl).  I bought a lace curtain from the used clothing store and cut it into 4 shawls, one for each girl. 

I went to a newspaper printer and they gave me a roll of newspaper print, which I used to make dresses for the girls.  I cut out two basic dress designs with V-necks and then taped them together to make the dress. 

The girls got to sit outside in the sun and decorate them with beads, markers, glitter glue, ribbon, even water paints sprinkled with salt to make them sparkle (everything from my craft basket was available to them).  I bought a purse with earrings and a hair clip from the dollar store for each one the girls. 

For their tea they had frozen grapes, rice krispies on stick (just roll them in balls and stick in a Popsicle stick, then rolled them in candy glitter).  There was also a treat I made by spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread and rolled a banana up in it then froze it. 

There was two different kinds of juice available which they had a grand time mixing together in the little tea set she had.  They sat in the shade at my daughter's picnic table which was covered with a plastic floral tablecloth (easy to wrap everything up in and dispose of). 

They had a grand time at this tea party.  The whole party for the four girls cost me no more than $20.00.

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