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Little Miss Glitzy Pageant - Awards for All




Katharine in Indianapolis


September 2012


Honorable Mention

With the hype on Toddlers and Tiaras and even the iconic Honey Boo Boo Child herself, why not put on your own mock glitz pageant? Although this party is ideal for young adults in need of a relief for one of America’s biggest obsessions, it can easily be done more seriously for young and giggly little girls. 

INVITATIONS: For each invitation you will need: A 6x4 piece of colorful tulle, a bright blank greeting card, a metallic Sharpie, a hot glue gun and a typed insert reading the following:  Tada!  Time to Sparkle at YOUR NAME HERE’s Glitz Extravaganza!  Dress your best on DATE and TIME Awards, Fun and LOTS of Glitter! RSVP by DATE to register! Don’t be late! Glue the insert in the center right inside page. Lay the tulle out horizontally and pinch the top to make a frilly skirt. Glue onto the front cover and then write the words above: You’re Invited Honey Boo Boo! Cover card in sparkles, let dry and then send!

DECORATIONS: Set up a roped off area in your living room or basement to be used as a stage as well as a simple folding table in front with chairs to be used as the judges table. Set another table up against the wall to be used as a prize table. Fill room with pink and purple helium balloons and streamers.

ACTIVITIES: Pick three categories for the evening-beauty, costume of choice and talent. Fill a large plastic bin (or two or three) with random clothes from your parents, siblings, friends and Goodwill’s closets. Although you may want to have some evening wear, make sure to go hog wild on random bits and pieces here and there. Let your pageant princesses use these boxes to pick out their costumes for the night. Give each contestant a large piece of paper with a number. Pick three to five people to judge and go at it.

BEAUTY-Attire is the traditional frilly fussy disgusting whatevers. Do each others’ hair and then, as a twist, have the contestants give each other blind makeovers. Put on some cute bubblegum pop and have everyone do an impromptu 30 second to a minuteish routine.

COSTUME OF CHOICE-Attire is whatever, as long as it half makes sense, because we know fifty percent of the time, it really doesn’t. Pick novelty songs from Disney movies, musicals and things like that to make a quirky kind of prepared routine. Let contestants pair up to do hair and makeup.

TALENT-Basically, what is the stupidest, most mindless talent you can think of? Whatever just popped into your mind, go at it. Find a quirky costume and show how special your pageant princess personality is. Use a bubblegum pop song for a 90 second or less routine.

JUDGING-Gather your judges together to give out paper plate awards as well as fun gimmicks-candy bars, hair bows, stuffed puppies, cheap Barbie dolls or chocolate coins. Make sure everyone gets some kind of title, whether it be Ultimate Grand Supreme or Princess of Insanity.

COSTUMES-See above!

PARTY SNACKS-What would a pageant perfect party be without pageant snacks? Fill a couple bowls with Mackenzie Meyer’s Nu-Nus (Ring Pops), Pageant Crack (Pixie Stix) and the iconic Go-Go Juice, tuned down of course. For this low-caffeine low-crazy version of Alana’s special juice, mix Sprite or Sierra Mist with green Kool-Aid. To give the party a Dance Moms touch, include a bag of Mackenzie Ziegler’s I Don’t Want to Be on Broadway chips.

CAKE: Anything pink! Add a tiara at the top for an extra glitzy touch.

FAVORS: Give guests cute inexpensive bags with their prizes from the pageant as well as inexpensive plastic tiaras and cute bows.  Have fun, honey boo boo child!

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