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Tiger Beat Celebrity Party -10y- Pass the Boa




Laurel in Somerdale, NJ, USA


August 2010


Special Mention

My daughter is fascinated with the tween scene.  She loves Tiger Beat, Bop and the quiz magazines.  She decided for her 10th birthday that she would have a birthday bash fashioned after the hot topics in these magazines.  The planning phase of the party was almost as fun as the party itself. 

Invitations: Who to invite?  My daughter decided since she was turning 10 she would invite 10 friends.  The invitation was made in Microsoft word by downloading some images from Google and using hip, cool, trendy phrases to make it look like a magazine cover.  The invitation read; It's all about being 10!  Will you be kicking off your summer at Gabrielle's B-day bash? Yes or No. Do you have Bieber fever? Check out your summer fortune. Quizzes and polls! What trendy style will you be wearing on the red carpet? The pictures included a red carpet, sunglasses and a peace sign. At the bottom of the page it said; OMG ~ Wear your coolest fashions & your fave shades ~ the paparazzi may be lurking about. 

Decorations: The decorations were mostly handmade or my daughter's fun, trendy goodies. My daughter made signs for the Concert Arena, the Fortune Teller, the Celebrity CafĂ© and the Exclusive Photo Shoot.  We did buy pinwheels at Michaels which were placed in a bucket as the girls entered the house  and used for props for pictures and to make a birthday wish for the birthday girl. We had a red carpet coming up the driveway.  Each room in the house was set up as a different station. 

Activities: What did the girls do?  Well, they acted as celebrities of course.  All the girls dressed in really hip, trendy outfits.  After they all arrived, we announced each girl as she walked up the red carpet and was interviewed and caught on film by the paparazzi.  The girls were asked who their favorite singer is, favorite color, and fun questions to choose between two tween scene stars.  My niece posed as the interviewer and a dear friend dressed with a fluffy pink boa and huge sunglasses to pose as the paparazzi throughout the evening.  She took over 300 pictures.  After the girls were announced, they all climbed in a friend's convertible which was parked out front to pose for more paparazzi photos.  The music was blasting and we were all dancing. 

When the party moved inside, the girls got started on decorating an initial" foam letter purchased on sale at Michaels with stickers.  They also made autograph books to sign and decorated a jewel case with all kinds of stickers.  My daughter made a cd of her 10 favorite songs which was given out as one of the party favors.  While the girls did the crafts another dear friend who came dressed as a fortune teller was preparing to tell the girls fortunes in our living room behind a screen at a little table with a lava lamp.  This activity was the hit of the party.  I provided my friend with tidbits of information about the girls so she would have things to talk about as she did their fortunes.  The girls were in awe. 

She also read their palms ~ showing them the how some of the lines looked like smiles and how she could tell they were good students in school.  She also looked up Disney's horoscopes to tell each girl which Disney character based on their birthday that they were most like.  The girls were so excited and couldn't wait for each girl to return from the fortune teller.  As each girl visited the fortune teller the other girls went into the family room to the concert arena where they danced and sang to all their favorites.  The girls did a line dance and then moved the line dance back outside and played pass the boa.  The girl with the boa led the line dance. 

As the party moved back inside the girls had "frappes" which were made with chocolate milk whip cream and pink sprinkles served in a styrofoam cup with pink straws.  While enjoying their chic "frappes" they dipped fruit pretzels and marshmallows in chocolate.  I melted white chocolate with sprinkles found at Michaels.  The dipping was a big hit.  We also served pizza and soft pretzels.  Some other snacks included "star"busrts and peanut butter cups which are my daughter's favorite and of course Selena Gomez likes them too.  After eating we played Justin Bieber bingo which my daughter found in her Tiger Beat or Bop magazine. We made copies of the bingo cards.  The girls got to pick posters from the tween magazines as their prizes.

We also set up two quizzes about what your favorite ice cream tells about you and your favorite nail color…also found in the tween magazines (we didn't even have time for these).  When the games ended we moved down to the basement for the exclusive photo shoot which was set up against a wall we have painted with words like dream friends love and laughter.  We also had a faux tree with lights set up as part of the scenery.  My daughter designed the photo shoot to have different scenes with props that each girl could pick from for their photo shoots. 

Favors: Each girl got a gift bag with a lip gloss (found in six packs at Boscov's for really cheap) a pink scarf with peace signs (also found at Boscov's for 1.00 each) and a colorful curly hair piece purchased from Claire's to bobby pin in their hair.  We had a mirror set up so everyone could get dolled up. First we took group photos and then each girl picked from one of the scenes for their individual photo shoots (beach scene with beach ball blanket and bucket; a shopping scene with Justice bag and scarf; a celebrity scene with faux leopard print wrap; a music scene with arm socks and a tambourine; and lastly a cheer scene with a megaphone and poms). The girls had so much fun posing for the camera. 

As the photo shoot wrapped up there was barely time left for cookie cake which read Gabrielle's 10th birthday bash & presents.  The celebrity bash ended with each girl gathering up their goodies that they made with the cd of Gabrielle's top ten hits the photo shoot goodies and a homemade sunglass cookie with pink or purple sprinkles.  And don't forget the thank you…a collage of pictures which highlighted all the fun had at the birthday bash.  We still plan to make each girl a cd of her photo shoot.  This bash was worthy of celebrity status. 

Most of the favors and goodies were bought on clearance at Michaels or Boscov's.  The greatest cost was incurred when I purchased the printable cd labels which we designed to read Gabrielle's Top Ten Favorites and then listed the songs.  We also included a thank you label for the jewel cases.  My daughter and I had a blast planning her 10th birthday bash together. This truly was a birthday bash to remember!"

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