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Bridal Birthday Party -4yr- White Tulle Veils




Theresa in Winnemucca, NV  USA


June 2001


Honorable Mention

A Bridal Birthday Party    For my daughter's 4th birthday she wanted a bride party.  We have had several weddings in the family the past year, so she's quite taken with "brides." 

I made the invitations on our computer with the traditional wording "Suzie requests the honor of your presence at her Fourth Bridal Birthday Party..... etc." and included the date, time, and place.  We also noted that a bridal luncheon would be served and to wear your best bride clothes, we'd provide the veil!  I made the veils out of white tulle and flowers for each child. 

I decorated with tulle, pink streamers, and wedding bells.  Upon arrival we made bouquets of pastel Kleenex flowers.  We played pass the present (with music and many layers of wrapping paper.)  When the present was finally unwrapped there were little bottles of wedding bubbles for each girl. 

We then played the wedding march on C.D. and made two lines facing each other so that each bride had a turn walking down the aisle with their bouquet & veils on.  We all blew bubbles on each bride!  They loved it.  We all had tea sandwiches (pb & j or turkey)  fresh fruit, and punch served in plastic champagne glasses for lunch. 

I made a simple tiered "wedding cake" and set it up on a separate table with my punch bowel and M&Ms.  For favors I bought baskets at our local thrift shop for .50 each and decorated them with ribbons and flowers.

I put in ring bearer and flower girl paper dolls (printed from the web), ring pop suckers, colored bath beads, flowers shaped cookie wands, and little brass wedding bells.  Each girl also took home her veil and bouquet as well as a small balloon bouquet on a stick that I'd made for decoration. 

After lunch I just played music for them all to enjoy a "wedding dance reception" an we also played a game of musical shares (non competitive where you share chairs instead of getting "out".) This turned out to be a darling party and quite easy. 

The only paper products I really bought were flower print plates and napkins from Wal-Mart.  I had a lot of ribbons, silk flowers, tulle on hand that saved me expense.  If you have a nice yard it would be fun to do this party outside under a yard tent awning.  Your little bride will love it!!

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