Dress Up Party

Shoes Party -2yr- Cake of Shoes




Carlene in Fort Worth Texas


June 2001


Honorable Mention

SHOES Shoes was my birthday party theme for my two-year old little girl who has an obsession with shoes. 

First we sent out an invitation in the with a picture of my daughter trying on shoes with a pile of her favorite shoes next to her.  The invitation read "Step on over to Mac's  2nd birthday party" we color photocopied the invitation on stationary with shoes around the border, making it very cost effective. 

For decorations we attached a balloon on a string to a pair of shoes, on each step coming up the sidewalk to the front door. 

Next, I make my own garland by getting white  ribbon and attaching shoes(starting from when she was a baby)with curly ribbon, and hung those over each of the door ways. 

For the table, the center piece was made of shoe boxes stacked up with  pairs of shoes and different colored tissue coming out of the shoes.  I also  placed little pairs of shoes as a runner going up the center of the table on each side of the centerpiece. 

A fun decorative way to serve sandwiches was on a big straw hat, I lined the rim with saran wrap and placed  sandwiches on the rim of the hat and placed real flowers  to add some color.  We ate out of shoe boxes lined with cute napkins, that I had gathered from various shoe stores in my area (a real hit).

The birthday cake had all different kinds and colors of shoes, purses and hats, it turned out adorable.

For games we had a shoe toss I got a clothes basket and  had each child see how many shoes they could throw in the  basket. 

For the older children we placed all of the shoes in a pile and had them race to see who could find their shoes and put them on the quickest.  Lots of fun.

For a party memorandum we traced each child's foot on some colored stock that you can get from a scrapbook store, and put their name and date of party on it!!

Last but not least, for the party favors I bought a bag of men's tube socks and used a sock as a goody bag. Filled it with candy, bubbles, shoe stickers, shoelace  licorice, shoe string potato snacks in the can and tied it with curly ribbon.

This party is one that all of your guests can "kick up their heels" and have a great time at also one they will never forget!!   I've done a lot of parties but everyone raved over this one!!

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