Dress Up Party

Funky Fashion Show -10yr- Vogue Cover Invite




Leilani in Covina, California, USA


January 2005



Funky Fashion Show   For my daughters 10th birthday we held a fashion show with her as the main model.  Each girl was sent a "Mini Vogue" magazine cover with a short article about an upcoming fashion event…naming all of the models - them! Included was 4 tickets to the event for their family members. (Each girl was asked to bring 2 outfits & arrive 3 hours early)   

We set up 2 adjoining easy-up canopies in the back yard & my husband built a 3 ft by 15 ft & 3" high runway starting out of the center of the canopy. We decorated the runway with glitter & set up chairs around.  We also rented some show lightes. 

Inside we set up 6 stations -
Nails (they were able to choose from a variety of wild colors or press on nails)

Hair (with a basket full of different hair accessories, falls, clip ons)

Make-up (everything you could imagine)

Wardrobe/Accessories (one of my girlfriends went over their wardrobe with them and suggested wild accessories)

Music (each girl got to listen to music selections & pick their favorite)

Modeling Tips (they were given tips on how to walk the red carpet!) 

Upon arrival, each girl was given a white robe with their names written with glitter on the back & escorted to a station.  While at their stations they were chit chatting, we were taking pictures, serving them sparkling cider, finger sandwiches, munchies and their favorite - chocolate dipped strawberries. We were able to do a quick dress rehearsal just before guests arrived.       

Guests were greeted by "paparazzi"(my husband & friends) - they were treated to a finger food buffet & beverages.  The show lights twinkled & we hit the boom box.  I was the "MC" - introduced each model & spoke a little bit about their outfit.  I really hammed it up.  The girls looked great! For the finale we brought all girls out…my daughter front & center..everybody sang happy birthday & she blew out her candles on the runway! 

The party continued for about an hour and a half…lots of dancing.     

My daughter was on cloud 9 all week…and her friends & family kept telling me what a great time they had.  As a thank you gift…each girl was sent a "mini vogue" magazine with her on the cover & photos of the event inside. (something I put together on my computer…it was fairly easy!)   

This was a very inexpensive party..most of the station supplies & decorations were purchased at the $1 store, the robes were purchased on-line $3.50 ea, the lights were only $20 to rent & the finger foods weren't very costly.  (Everything else we had laying around in the garage.)

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