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Dr Seuss Party -3yr- Seussical CD Playing




Alicia in Silver Spring, MD USA


September 2006



Dr. Seuss Party  We threw a Dr. Seuss party for my daughter's 3rd birthdy.  The party was in August, so we held it outside. 

For decorations we made color copies of pages from Dr. Seuss books and put them around the yard.  The kids really liked this because they recognized the pages and could have grown-ups read them.  Some examples of pages we used are as follows:

Fox in Socks our game is done sir (p60-61) at the end of the hopscotch
One fish, 2 fish, red fish blue fish - next to Goldfish bowl
Voom from the Cat in the Hat Comes Back (p58-59) on the trash can
Bedroom up here and bathroom up there from Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You are as a directional sign to the bathroom
The Waiting Place outside the bathroom -Freezing Horton on top of drinks cooler.

Additional decorations included a sled with a stuffed dog made up to look like Max, which served as the place for gifts (this worked really well since our backyard has a hill in it, so it looked like the sled was sliding down the hill with the gifts); green, star-shaped nametag necklaces for each party guest; a green eggs and ham cake; Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 & 2, and sneetches stuffed animals; an umbrella used as a platter for serving the kids' sandwiches; a craft table decorated with letters (for Dr. Seuss' ABC's); Thing 1 & 2 t-shirts for my daughter and her little brother. 

We also played the Seussical CD throughout the party and had Dr. Seuss board books out for the kids to look at.  

Activities included foot painting, a Who hunt (using small puffy balls, which the kids were thrilled to get to take home with them), Zoo making (with foam zooms and puffy foam animal stickers), a Hop with Pop 3-legged race, shape making (with chalk on the sidewalk) and oobleck playing. We also had a kiddie pool, a waterslide, and a sandbox out for the kids to play with. 

Dr. Seuss bookmarks were given out with the goodie bags.

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