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Dr. Seuss Party -8yr- Pin Hat on Cat




Karen in Kemp, Tx USA


March 2007



When my son was 8yrs old (several years ago), he LOVED Dr. Seuss! (Well, We ALL still do!) This party was completely homemade... I was unable to find ANY party suggestions, supplies, or decore! Invitations:Cat in the Hat" hats which held a Seuss-ish rhyme inside with party details.

Cake: "Green Eggs and Ham". Yes it looked gross but tasted great and the kids LOVED it! Bake cake in oven safe mixing bowls / large measuring cups (Pampered Chef's are safe) in graduated sizes. Cut a flat side on each for the bottom and "glue" them together making the "ham" look like the one in the book. You really should look at the one in the book while putting it together but since it's Seuss it looks better lopsided and imperfect! Use two sugar cookies as the eggs just add a dollop of green frosting for the yolk!

Food: Inspired by "Happy Birthday to You" book... "For birthday luncheons as a rule we serve hot dogs rolled on a spool." I found a little meat shop that sells frankferters that are still connected to each other so I made a large "spool" and rolled them on it! Mustard is a must! Green "Oobleck" jello/pudding is fun. Chips and side dishes had funny Seussical names.

Decorations: Using large paper (from teacher supply store) in Seuss colors (red  yellow  teal light blue) I made truffula trees of all sizes and taped to the walls. A few brwon barbaloots peeked out from behind them! I also used streamers in the same colors and put them up in crazy directions and patterns all over. I made a bean bag toss game from a display board. I drew the Lorax on the stump and cut it so that if they hit the Lorax with a bean bag he fell off.

I collected a few items such as an umbrella two books a toy boat a cup a dish a glass of milk (not really milk) and a fish in his bowl (also not real) a rake a cake a red fan and a little toy man and we played "Cat in the Hat Pile up" -  also inspired by the book. The kids wearing the "cat's hat" tried not to drop any items as we piled them on while ballancing on one foot. GREAT PICTURES!!

Of course we payed "pin the hat on the cat" too! We read several Dr. Seuss books and busted a "truffula" piniata! We had a great time! The boys left with "Cat Hats" (homemade) and the girls got "Daisy Head Maisy" headbands (also homemade - pipe cleaners and tissue paper flowers attatched to plain cheap plastic headbands) MORE CUTE PICTURES!! If I can find a way to post pictures I will"

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