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Cat in the Hat -8yr- Ham Sandwiches & Deviled Eggs




Valarie in Louisville, Oh USA


March 2006


Honorable Mention

Cat in the Hat Fun For my son's eighth birthday, he wanted to do The cat in the hat. This turned out to be a really fun theme and party. We found the discontinued party supplies on EBAY and I also bought a pinata on ebay.

I made invitations I used Cat in the Hat clip art with the following that I found on the web and added my own wording.   We're having a party! It's plain as can be!  I want you to celebrate with me!  On this birthday I will be turning eight, So hurry on over and don't be late! The Cat will be there along with the Fish,  Horton & Sam, the 2 Things and we wish  That you would come too! We'll have much more fun!  We'll play in the rain....we'll play in the sun!  So get in your Who-train: (Date) Start making tracks: (Time) Meet us all at the Prairie of Prax:  (My Address) We're having a party! It's plain as can be!  I want you to celebrate with me!"  There will be ham and  green eggs to munch, So come on over and  don't worry about lunch! Food, games and prizes galore, I  promise you it won't be a bore!  Everyone thought these were so cute.

On the day of the party I decorated the party area with red, black, and white streamers and balloons everywhere. I found some Cat in the Hat bulletin board supplies that huge cut outs of the characters and hung them up also. I used red tablecloths with Happy Birthday Banners in the center. 

I had my local bakery make a red and white striped cake with black lettering and trim. On top of the cake I put a cat in the hat candle and several figurines that my son had. It was too cute.

We had kids from 1 year to 11 year old, both girls and boys. I got creative and got out my sons cat in the hat books for game ideas.

Game #1  Foot Book game: it is a scavenger hunt. Each child has a list of different colored feet to find. It is best to play this outside. I used footprint clip art on different colored paper. First person to find all their feet wins. I had several different lists with picturesof the feet so the little one could play also.

Game #2  Snatch the Cat in the Hat This is played like capture the flag, but instead of a flag I used a Cat in the Hat figure. Each team tried to snatch the cat in the hat and bring it past their line to get a point. If you are tagged by another player, then the other team gets the point. FIrst team to get 10 points wins.

Game #3- Cat's Umbrella Relay  2 teams, each team had a colorful striped child umbrella (remember The Cat carries an umbrella) and a green plastic Easter egg (Green Eggs and Ham). The goal of the game is to hit or roll your egg to a designated point and back again using only the tip of the umbrella. This is harder than you think. They were not allowed to use the handle or their hands. First team whose players each get a turn wins. Small fun candy prizes were given for each team game won.

Game #4- Balance that Cat!  This was also a team game. Each team got a throw pillow of equal size. The goal was to balance the pillow on your head without using your hands. If the pillow fell, they had to start all over for that turn. I reminded the kids that the Cat in the Hat  loves to balance things. The really little ones we helped.

Game#5  Pin the Item on the Cat  This was a store bought game. The kids each had different objects and had to place them on the cat while blindfolded. The closest to an item on the poster won a special Cat in the Hat figure. The last game was extra, but the kids wanted to play it. It was called Sneetch Tag. It started out with my son who put a star sticker on his belly (just like the book) when I said go, everyone would run around in a small designated area (you want to keep it small so the Birthday sneetch doesn't get tired), Then the sneetch with a star on thar would try to tag the others. If a sneetch was caught, he must put a star sticker on his shirt (belly). Now these two will hold hands and try to catch another and another until all the sneetches have stars on thars. When each sneetch is caught the whole group who has been tagged must hold hands. The line gets bigger and Bigger. It was a lot of fun.

We had ham sandwiches and deviled eggs (the filling was green) to go along with the book Green Eggs and Ham, with ice cream and cake.

The favors were craft bags with cat in the Hat stickers, crayons, markers, notepad (my son loves to draw and do crafts) and candies inside with a red and white striped tag that said, Christian and the Cat, Are happy that, You took the time today, to share in this special day! Overall it was a fun and worth while party for a little boy who loves Dr. Suess and the Cat in the Hat.

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