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Cat in the Hat -1yr- Cat Hat Cake




Marinda in Indianapolis, IN  USA


January 2005


Special Mention

For my son's first birthday, we decided to have a Cat in the Hat themed party. 

I made the invitations on the computer.  On the front was a picture of my son with the Cat in the Hat.  (This was taken a month earlier at a Dr. Seuss celebration at our local zoo.)  The message on the inside was written in true "Cat in the Hat" style.  I have included a copy of the poem at the bottom of this party description.   

As the guests arrived, they were greeted by red and white balloons on the mailbox and a large drawing of the famous cat on our front door.  I am a teacher, so making this drawing was not a waste of time for me!  I knew that I could use it again each year as we celebrated the author's birthday with an author study!  Each child received his/her choice of Cat in the Hat tatoos when they came inside.  The children were also given their choice of either a Cat in the Hat party hat or a red and white striped hat like the one in the story.   

My son was dressed in red overalls and a white t-shirt, which corresponded well with the red and white decorations inside.  I had bought long strips of red and white felt at a local fabric store.  I sewed these together and made a quick and inexpensive cloth tablecloth that can be used again (circus party next year?!).  I chose felt because it did not even need to be hemmed!  Red, white, and black streamers were hanging from the ceiling, and led to bouquets of red and white balloons.   

The food was set up in the kitchen.  I had put a lot of thought into the food, but it would only be appreciated by those who really know the story of the Cat in the Hat.  (Luckily, most of the guests were the children of my teacher friends, so they were very familiar with the classic tale!)  We had different kinds of sandwiches, all laid out on upside down umbrellas.  I had found the small hat umbrellas at the local dollar store.  (Remember the Cat juggling the umbrella?) 

Red goldfish crackers were in a plastic fish bowl.  (Remember the fish in the story?)  Red and white M&Ms were also served in plastic fishbowls.  Chips, nuts, and other finger foods were served in upside down red and white striped Cat in the Hat hats.  Plush Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two, and the Fish toys were also laying around for decoration.  The children who were old enough played a quick game of catching Thing One and Thing Two with streamers.  Though my son was not old enough to participate, he found it hilarious to watch the others! 

The cake was a shape cake, designed to look like the floppy red and white hat donned by the Cat.  It turned out perfect!  (I had been adament that it was to look floppy, like the one in the story!)  My son's own miniature cake was shaped like the number one, but was also decorated with red and white stripes.  I took off his overalls while he ate his cake.  I didn't care if he messed up the white t-shirt, but I wanted to save the overalls!  After cleaning him up, I dressed him a pair of khakis and a long sleeved navy t-shirt featuring the Cat in the Hat on the front.  

After presents, the guests went outside where we flew kites in my back yard, just like Thing One and Thing Two in the story!  As the children left, they were given goodie bags filled with bubbles, Cat in the Hat gummy snacks, Cat in the Hat tatoos, and a large net labeled " I bet with my net I can catch those Things yet!"  (again, a quote from the classic story).  I knew that the children would enjoy the nets, as it was early spring and most children love chasing after butterflies and lightening bugs!  Thank you notes were sent later that week.  They featured a picture of my son sitting in his red wagon, wearing the red overalls and white t-shirt he had worn for the party.  The thank you note was also written in Cat in the Hat rhyme.  It, too, is included at the bottom of this description.    

The party was a hit!  Many of our adult guests made comments about how much time we must have spent on the party.  However, it was really quite simple.  The main idea was just to have fun and to create a lively, fun environment for the children.  I would say that Dr. Seuss would have been pleased!    

Invitation Poem:  (On the front, around the picture of my son and the Cat in the Hat): The Cat in the Hat says You will not want to miss A birthday party  Such as this!  (On the inside of the card): On March twenty-sixth, two thousand and three We rushed to the hospital, as fast as could be. We rushed there so quickly, We rushed there, we two. In our suitcase we carried little clothes all in blue.  For we knew that we soon would at last get to meet Our beautiful boy, oh so precious and sweet. At three o'clock sharp, we greeted with joy, The love of our lives, our new little boy.  We soon took him home. Now the days quickly pass,  As sweet little Walker  Is growing so fast.  As we look back with joy At this year filled with fun, It's again time to celebrate Our wonderful son.  So join us on Saturday, March twenty-seven To celebrate Walker Our gift sent from heaven!  The party's at four, So please don't be late. We'll have for you ice cream and cake on a plate.  It's sure to be fun. So please RSVP! And make plans to be here for Walker's party!  You will have a good time, You will not want to miss, A Cat in the Hat celebration like this!  

Thank You Card Poem:   Look at me! Look at me now and you'll see! I'm the luckiest boy There ever could be! You gave me a gift On the day I turned one, And with it I'm having A whole lot of fun. Yes, the present is fun. I think it is swell. But did you know that You gave me another, as well? This other is better. It will last til the end. For the best gift you've given Is being my friend!  Thanks for being a part of my big day and a special part of my life!

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