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Green Eggs & Ham -2yr- Book Cover Invite






March 2012



When my son was 2 his favorite book was Green Eggs and Ham, so that's the theme I chose for his birthday party. I couldn't find any decorations or invites anywhere so I had to make it all myself.

For the invites, I took his copy of the book and scanned the title page. I then made several copies and cut the picture out. I also typed out the words Do you like" in a similar font to the title and printed several copies. I bought orange cardstock(the color of the book) and folded each piece in half to open like a book.

I then glued the picture of the title page on the outside of the orange cardstock with the words "Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?" above it. It looked exactly like the book. I tweeked Dr. Suess's words which took a lot of thinking  and came up with this saying to write on the inside of the invites. "You do not like them so you say. Try them try them and you may. Come eat Green Eggs and Ham on my Birthday!" I continued with the Dr.Suessical start time of 3:54pm just to be different and wrote the party information inside the card.

Food was self-explanatory: Green Eggs and Ham. The eggs were easy. We put a dash of green food coloring in the mix and made deviled eggs topped with olive/jalapeno slices they look extra green. The ham was quite a challenge. We got a full ham and used a flavor injector to inject green food coloring into the ham and then intermittingly basted it in its own juice mixed with green food coloring while baking.

The outside was completely green and it looked just like the book. But when we cut it there were only small spots of color throughout in a wavy pattern (Picture a green and pink tie-dye.) Afterwards I had a different idea that I think would work. Slice ham ahead of time or buy ham steaks and then marinate them overnite in brown sugar(or whatever you normally baste your ham with) and green food coloring. If it is already sliced it should absorb the color better. It's food coloring so it doesn’t affect the taste of the ham just the look of it.

The party was mostly adults so we didn’t play any games but I did however manage to find a Dr.Suess board game online that you could play. Any type of silly game that you give a rhyming name to can be turned into a Dr.Suess game. You could do "Pin the fork on the ham" instead of "pin the tale on the donkey" for example. 

For the cake I did a sheet cake in the shape of the number 2 covered in bright green icing with rainbow sprinkles all over. Very bright and fun. For a bigger party an assymetrical layer cake would be fun. As long as it is bright it will work. For favors you can send each kid home with their very own copy of Green Eggs and Ham with a thank you inside from your child and the date they ate green eggs and ham written in it.

For décor we stuck with the colors of the invites orange and lots of green. Green balloons and streamers and orange tableclothes. Plain colored décor is really easy to find so any color will work as long as green is included somewhere. We sprinkled multi-colored confetti everywhere too."

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