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Brittany in Quitman, LA USA


April 2012


Special Mention

For my sons 1st Birthday we had a Dr. Seuss theme. It was so easy to get creative with all of the books and the characters. Of course, the main book we tried to center the party around was The Cat in the Hat. The color scheme I used was red, turquoise blue and white.

INVITATIONS: His invitations read: Twelve months have passed and my how they've flown. You won't believe your eyes at how much (child's name) has grown! Now it's time for his party to celebrate with who? The Cat in the Hat and Thing One and Thing Two! February is the month, the 25th is the day. At 3:00 p.m. you can come by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO (CHILDS NAME), TODAY IS YOUR DAY! How you get there is for you to decide. Take a boat, or a bus, or a train you can ride. You could not, would not want to miss a celebration such as this! Then I listed the place, time and RSVP info at the bottom. My sister is a photographer so we were able to get adorable pictures of my son in a Dr. Seuss outfit (a party hat, tie and bloomers in Dr. Seuss fabric)to go on the invites. I ordered the invitations off Esty. It was super easy and the girl who designed them for me was very sweet and tweaked a few things for me like, adding more than one photo and adding all of the extra wording. We held the party at our church gym. We used half of the gym for seating, presents, food and drinks; the other half we let the kids play with balls, ride-on toys and other toys. There was plenty of room for the kids to rip and run! They had a blast!

DECORATIONS:  In the fourier of the gym we had a table set up for the guests to sign in. We had a poem set up on the table reading: Wait! Stop here you see, and write a very special message to me! A birthday wish, or just say hi, to your very favorite ONE year old guy. On the front, the back or any of the pages. It's something I will treasure all my ages! We had them sign the Dr. Seuss book, Happy Birthday to You! On this table we also set up framed pictures that my sister had took for the invites. I also put out some bookmarks for the guests to take home that read: The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go! I printed these on plain white paper (each word I put in a different color). Behind each of these I put either red or blue card stock and put a hole punch at the top and tied some cute ribbon.

On the wall behind the sign in table, I hung a picture banner that I made of pictures of my son through out his first year.  My layout for the party turned out really cute. I used round tables for the guest to be seated and long tables for the presents, food and drinks. The centerpieces I used for the guest tables were a big hit. I had fish bowls trimmed in blue fuzzie garland, and I filled them half way with water and put a few real goldfish in them. I also put some blue rocks/gem stones at the bottom of these bowls.  Inside the bowls I also placed red balloon anchors and tied off balloons to each centerpiece. I used white table covers on each of the round tables and for each seat I placed a Dr. Seuss coloring sheet and 3 crayons.

Around each centerpiece I placed popular Dr. Seuss quotes from his books that I had printed off. For example: A person's a person no matter how small - Horton Hears a Who; From there to here, from here to there. Funny things are everywhere - One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish; I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny - The Cat in the Hat. I printed off 20 different quotes, so I think I was able to put 4 quotes on each table.

FOOD:  I had a lot of fun with our menu for the party. Each food had a Dr. Seuss theme. We had rainbow goldfish (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish) Of course, we had to have green eggs and Ham! My mom made deviled eggs and for the middle we used green dye. They turned out adorable and delicious! We rolled up pieces of ham to go with the eggs. Each piece of rolled up ham had a tooth pick with a Dr. Seuss cupcake topper. We had snack pack pudding (Who pudding) Chips and Dip (Sneech Treats) Jello and Whip Cream Parfaits (Cat in the Hat Parfaits) Lolly pops (Lorax Trees).

Behind each food I put the Dr. Seuss book that was themed with each one (I borroed these books from the Library) The drinks were: red and blue koolaid juices (Seuss Juice) Bottled water (you ought'er have some water) and sodas. The bottled water had Dr. Seuss labels on them. Also, on the food table I put 3 cupcake tiers that I made (I found the idea off of Pinterest) I put one cupcake tier on each side of the table and one in the middle. On the side cupcake tiers I put cupcakes (the cupcakes had toppers and wrappers that I bought off of Etsy) and the one in the middle I placed the party favors and on the top I framed my son's invitation.

PARTY FAVORS: The party favors were a big hit also. This was another idea I found off Pinterest. I saved my sons baby food jars, spray painted them red, hot glued blue fuzzies to the top, filled them with candy and hot glued a birthday tag to them..and tada, Thing One and Thing Two party favors! Also, on the food table I hung a birthday banner that I made (I bought the file off of etsy) 

CAKE: The cake was TOO cute! It was a 2 tier cake.  The top tier was a hat and the bottom part was polka dot in the colors of the party (red, turquoise and white)I loved the smash cake! It was a fish bowl with a goldfish coming out of it. I decorated his high chair with a high chair banner that I made (I also bought this file on etsy) and I tied some balloons to his chair as well.

THANK YOU CARDS:  The girl who designed my invites also designed the Thank You cards. They read: From me, Dr. Seuss, The Things, and that silly cat. Thanks so much for putting on your party hat! Hope you had a Seuss-tastical time! The Thank You cards also had pictures of the party on there. This party turned out to be a great success!!! I had so much fun planning it that I have already begun to plan his 2nd party!

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