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Wacky Wednesday Party -7yr- Crooked Cake




Shelley in Collierville, TN USA


March 2012



My son's favorite book to have me bring to school to read to his class is Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss.  We decided that he would have a Wacky Wednesday" party for his 7th birthday. 

I started out by purchasing party favors:  Striped Stove-pipe hats from Windy City Novelties.  These hats weren't the traditional red and white striped Dr. Seuss hats but looked just fine since it was supposed to be "wacky".  I also found some glow spoons and straws.  From Oriental Trading I white gloves finger pointers extra large toothbrushes and chinese yo-yos.  All very colorful and exciting. 

All the kids loved the party favors and played with them during the party and got to take them home.  For decorations I found a multi-color striped table cloth with matching plates and napkins.  The table cloth went under the table instead of on top of it.  The balloons were hung upside down.  I bought some 3m tape and taped all kinds of things to the walls. 

House shoes (regular shoes were too heavy) a spatula an oven mitt a light bulb a pair of goggles an empty cereal box a wrench a DVD case was taped to the ceiling fan etc.  The Happy Birthday banner was store bought and I took it apart and put the letters back in different order some sideways and some upside down. 

I made a 3 tier crooked cake. The bottom layer was a "wacky scenery".  I used blue fondant and green grass.  Then I made some "wacky d├ęcor" out of fondant and placed it around the bottom cake tier.  The 2nd tier I used yellow fondant and cut out different colored letters to spell "Happy Birthday Tyler".  I put the letters upside down instead of right side up.  The third tier was the traditional Dr. Seuss stove pipe hat. 

I used red and white fondant outlined with black coloring for this.  The 1st and 2nd tier was made with 3 round cakes and the hat was made with 4 smaller round cakes.  I cut away some of the cake to make it slant so it would be crooked.  I used dowel rods to keep the cake from tipping.  I placed several candles around the cake and put them in crooked and some sideways. 

The party was a sleep-over party so the kids arrived around 6pm dressed wacky.  Some wore their shirts inside out some wore their pants on backwards some wore mismatched socks.  I fed them dinner Pizza rolls and goldfish (easy quick and absolutely no complaints).  I surprised them with glow straws in their drinks and flipped off the lights.   We attempted a few games but with a house full of 7 yr old boys it doesn't really work like that. 

All they wanted to do was run around and play with the glow sticks and party favors.  We did blow up a bunch of balloons and throw them on the floor and play a game called "Hop on Pop" which is another Dr. Seuss book.  I had them put on their stove pipe hats and cover their eyes.  Then I played some music and when it stopped if I said "pop" then they were allowed to jump all around and see who could pop the balloons with their hats pulled over their heads.  They enjoyed that. 

Cake and ice cream was served with glow spoons and lights out.  Some kids stayed late and went home while others were allowed to sleep-over.  The next morning they were served pancakes with colorful sprinkles.  All in all a very fun time.  "

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