Bob the Builder Party

Dr. Seuss Party -4yr- Hop On Pop-Corn




Michelle in Tucson, AZ, USA


October 2010



My daughter is obsessed with Dr, Suess and Cat in the Hat. So, what better way to celebrate her 4th birthday then with Dr. Suess. 

The invite started the theme:We're having a party! It's plain as can be!  I want you to celebrate with me!   On this birthday I will be turning four,  So hurry on over, you will be begging for more!  The Cat will be there along with the Fish, Horton & Sam, the 2 Things  and we wish that you would come too!  We'll have much more fun!  We'll play in the rain we'll play in the sun!  

So get in your Who-train:  Start making tracks: 10:30am Meet us all at the Prairie of Prax:   We're having a party! It's plain as can be!  I want you to celebrate with me! 

Food, games and prizes galore, I  promise you it won't be a bore!    We will meet at the ramada east of the pool,  Don't get lost, that wouldn't be cool!  Can't wait to see all my friends in their Halloween costumes,  RSVP soon so you don't lose your hmmm postumes? 

Decorations: It was all about the red, white and black decorations.  I used black table cloths for the tables, red plates and silverware and white napkins.  There were black and red streamers hanging down the ramada rafters and tons of red balloons everywhere.  There were large silver stars hanging down from the ceiling. 

Activities: We started the fun with a visit from the Cat in the Hat himself (one of my close friends dressed up).  The Cat in the Hat took pictures with each of the kids and then lead the kids on a photo scavenger hunt.  I took pictures of my daughter in different places at the park and hid the photos in an envelope.

This was perfect for their ages and they had a ton of fun running around the park finding the envelopes. The last envelope ended at Thing One and Thing Two's big red box.  Inside were the goodie bags for each of the kids.  We filled the goodie bags with treats from the Cat in the Hat pinata that we broke open. 

Party Snacks: I had a blast with this!  We had Hop on Pop(corn), Cat in the Hatwiches (sandwiches), Thing One Rooty Tooty Pasta Salad, Thing Two Fruity Tooty Salad, Green eggs (white chocolate covered pretzels with a green M&M), One Fish, Two Goldfishes, and Oh the Drinks You Can Drink.   

Cake: The cupcakes were white cake with red frosting.  I put black M&Ms on top for spots.

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