Bob the Builder Party

Thing One & Thing Two -1yr- Cat in the Hat Jello




Jen in Westminster, MD, USA


November 2010



For my twin boys first birthday party I wanted to do Thing One and Thing Two.

INVITATIONS: I ordered invitations online of twins on the front and I colored in the picture with the red and blue to make it look like Cat in the Hat colors.

COSTUMES: I bought a Thing One and Thing Two shirt for the boys and had my oldest son wearing the hat from Cat in the Hat.

DECORATIONS: On the door I put a bag that had what looked like the front of the book for Cat in the Hat. I tied in the whole Dr. Seuss theme and had a table for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue fish. For that table I put a fish bowl with colored goldfish in it, the book, and another smaller bowl of swedish fish over top of a dark blue tablecloth.

On another table, I had a green tablecloth with the Green Eggs and Ham" book and made deviled eggs with a green filling and a plate of ham.

For the Cat in the Hat table I put a blue tablecloth with a red one overtop. I had 4 balloons hanging over the table red blue red blue and made a styrofoam circle cut out that was white with black writing that said "Thing One" and "Thing Two" which I placed over top of their highchairs.

I had cut outs of the hat on the table and I painted a round picture frame for each of them one blue one red and wrote their names on it with a picture of them inside. I had red big plates with little blue plates on top of that.

CAKE: I made a Cat in the Hat cake for everyone to eat in the shape of Cat in the Hat and I made each of them their own cake that was a round cake with blue icing on the side(the color of thing 1 and 2's hair) and red icing surrounding the bottom and top of that. Then I had the top of the cake white with a picture of Thing One on one cake and Thing two on the other and and wrote Thing One and Thing Two on it.

The cakes were sitting on a piece of cardboard that I painted white and wrote their names in a blue banner. I also had chocolate cupcakes with red cupcake lines and cut out white papers and wrote Thing One & Thing Two on different ones and put chocolate icing and blue cotton candy on top.

PARTY SNACKS: I had clear wine plastic cups and put a layer of red jello a layer of whipped cream and another layer of red jello and blueberries on top of that. I had red and blue Koolaid for the kids.

FAVORS: I had red pales with blue and white polka dots and I got magnets of the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 & 2 and put them on the pales and put some different Cat in the Hat items inside. Everyone LOVED it and said it was SOO cute!"

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