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Dr Seuss Party (4-6yr) Seuss Themed Treats




Carla in Dallas, PA, USA


September 2010


Honorable Mention

My daughter's birthdays are only 3 days apart, so we host one large party.  As they were turning 4 and 6, their ideas for birthdays are starting to differ, but they both liked the Dr. Seuss theme.  We decided to use the idea of Thing 1 and Thing 2 as our focus.

INVITATIONS:  I made the invitations by downloading Thing 1 and Thing 2 clipart and using the Threadfun font on 4 by 6 white card stock.  I added the following poem Toot Zoot the Horn!  Boom Bang the Drum!  There's going to be a party  And we'd like you to come!  To make things especially special for you  Instead of one birthday, we'll celebrate two!  Thing 1  (childs name) - is SIX and what's more  Thing 2  (child's name) - will be FOUR!  Join the party on September 5   To the (party location)  Is where you should drive  Make sure you're here precisely at 1:00  So you don't miss any of the big party fun!  I added Dr. Seuss stickers to the outside of turquoise envelops, and made return address labels with Dr.Seuss clipart.

DECORATIONS:   I used the color combination of red, yellow, and turquoise.  I put red tablecloths on the tables and topped them with metallic birthday confetti.  I then added centerpieces of red, yellow and turquoise balloons.  I ordered the Dr. Seuss cake plates and napkins from the website, but just used red and white plates and cups that I got at a local party store.  I also ordered Dr. Seuss teacher bulletin board decorations from Oriental Trading which I hung around to add a festive atmosphere.  My husband is a teacher, so as an added plus he can use the decorations in his classroom.

ACTIVITIES:  Our first activity was a Cupcake Hunt.  I had purchased Easter eggs that look like cupcakes from Walmart on clearance after Easter, and I filled them with candy and hid them outside.  The kid lined up and we read a Dr. Seuss birthday poem, then told them we needed their help to have candy for our party.  Kids love egg hunts, so the activity went really well.  Our second activity was a Dr. Seuss pinata.  The third activity was freeze dancing to Dr.Seuss music my husband downloaded.

FOOD:  We ordered pizza, sandwich trays, and various fruit and veggie trays from a local market.  We also had potato chips, cheese twirls and other snacks.  I made some Dr.Seuss themed-treats that went over well.  The first treat was a Horton theme, and consisted of marshmallows dipped in pink candy coating with a small blue sprinkle on top.  I downloaded a picture of Horton and made a card in front of the treats that read A marshmallow is mellowy no matter how small  Please try a pink one and have yourself a ball.

The second treat had a Green Eggs and Ham theme and was made up of two items  green cookies baked in mini muffin tins so they made a cup, filled with cream cheese icing and topped with a green M & M to look like and egg; and brownies cut into triangles then dipped in green candy coating and decorated to look like hams.  The card in front of them had a picture of Sam-I-Am and a poem that read Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?  The eggs are cookies with a filling so creamy The hams are brownies dipped in candy so dreamy. 

We served cupcakes instead of a birthday cake, so the third treat was the cupcakes displayed on a tiered stand.  The cupcakes were chocolate and vanilla and were topped with light blue frosting.  They were in red cupcake liners, and had white round stickers on the liners that said Thing 1 or Thing 2.  The card in front of them had a clip art of Thing1 and Thing 2 and the following poem Thing 1 cupcakes are vanilla it's true, if you'd rather have chocolate then please pick Thing 2!.  At the top of the stand I had cupcakes with candles for my daughters, and we served the cupcakes with ice cream cupcakes.  The treats made everyone laugh and our guests remarked they were very clever.

GOODY BAGS:  I ordered Dr. Seuss bulletin board decorations that looked like the hat that the Cat in the Hat wears, and wrote each child's name on them.  I stapled them to red paper bags that were filled with Dr. Seuss pencils, erasers, pens, small tablets and waterbottles.  All of the Dr. Seuss items were purchased at Target.  I also added silly bands, Swedish fish (for one fish two fish) and Hershey bars. All in all it was a very fun party, and was perfect for two children.

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