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Dr. Seuss Party -3yr- Pink Yink Ink Drink




Kimberley in Inver Grove Heights, MN USA


February 2010


Special Mention

There are so many ideas that you can get from just opening one or two Dr. Seuss books that I decided to throw my three year old, Sy, a birthday party with the Dr. Seuss theme.  

INVITATIONS: I created invitations using some great Disney clip art for Cat in the Hat that I found free online. The invitations were blue and red an they read Would you could you come and play Would you could you on my birthday" "Sy-I-Am is turning three" Place: "Huntington house corner of Mulberry St and Bliss" I always ask for regrets only instead of RSVP so I worded it "You can not come so you say Call me call me anyway". 

DECORATIONS: at the front door: two signs pointing in opposite directions that I placed in my planters read "To here" and "To there" and then I hung a sign from the door using colorful card stock and ribbon that read "From here to there From there to here Fun things are everywhere Oh me Oh my Welcome to the home of Sy. Then when the guests came in on my entrance table sitting on a stack of Seuss books with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish book on top was a fish bowl with a blue Beta fish that we had just bought for my son for his birthday. Surrounding the fish bowl was plastic bags with twist ties filled with gold fish crackers and a little sign that read "one fish two fish free fish". I also decorated empty oatmeal containers with red and white construction paper to look like the Cat in the Hat hats and had balloons coming out of the top of them. I asked the kids when they arrived if they would like a star pinned to their belly from the star bellied Sneetches book. I bought the Happy Birthday to You book by Dr. Seuss and had a sign asking them to sign the pages of the book so Sy would remember it for all ages. 

PARTY SNACKS CAKE: For food we served a brunch. I had my husband wear a Cat in the Hat hat and since his name is Matt I printed out a menu that I had on the buffet table which read. "Matt in the Hat Menu". He served Scrambled Eggs Super Dee Duper Dee Green Eggs and Ham scrambled (added blue food coloring) scholop with a cherry on top (baked french toast with whip cream and cherries) Mr. Brown's hash browns (tator tots) and truffla berries from The Lorax (strawberries and blue berries). For the drinks I served Moose Juice and Goose Juice (apple and orange) and Pink Yink Ink Drink which the kids drank with twisty straws. We served cupcakes and I created little cupcake toppers using colorful paper and clip art of different Seuss characters. There is a Dr. Seuss cookbook to give you ideas of food items or just steal the names and create your own recipes which I did. 

GAMES/ACTIVITIES: Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You game which I printed out images of items that make noises such as zipper cow or truck. I put these little slips of paper in a brown hat and had the kids draw a picture out and they had to have the other kids guess what they had by just making the sounds. For those who participated I gave them those paper firecrackers that just go pop when you pull the string. I had Cat in the Hat game out and Green Eggs and Ham board game out but they were used more for decoration. I also had the Fox in Socks and Foot Book out on a table with some white socks and fabric paint and the kids got to paint their own "new two socks" which was a big hit. I had on a small table a plastic container of blue Crayola sand that the kids got to play in and I put some little animals in it and called it the Jungle of Nool or Whooville which kept the little kids occupied.  

MORE DECORATIONS: Throughout the house I had balloons and Seuss books displayed. I also created my own framed art work by framing pages from different books like To Think I Saw it on Mulberry St and Green Eggs and Ham. On one of my framed pictures I have of my two kids when you enter the house I put a whiskers on my daughter's picture and a Cat in the Hat hat on my son super simple and a great touch. 

FAVORS: For thank you's I sent home with each of the kids cut out sugar cookies that were in the shape of the first letter in their name. I put them in little baggies and tied a little tag on them that read for example Big T little T what begins with T Tipsy Taylor tripping on trains t t t from the ABC book. And then finally the actual thank you notes I mailed said "One Thanks Two Thanks All for You Thanks" and had a cute clip art picture from the fish book. It was fun fun fun for all. Oh I almost forgot my nieces and nephews sprayed their hair blue and created their own T-shirts that read "Thing 123 and 4". "

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