Doodlebops Party

Doodlebops -2yr- Homemade Doodlebop Party Supplies




karen in elizabeth,new jersey union county


May 2006



My daughter loves the doodlebops so we had a doodlebops theme party.

For invitations I went on there website and they have invitations you can print out.  I added glitter glue to the dark colors on the cards so they would stand out. 

Nobody sells doodlebops stuff yet so we had to make them all. 

For goody bags I bought regular medium gift bags in doodlebops colors orange for Moe,pink for Deedee,and blue for Rooney. I printed out doodlebops pictures for the front and the back of the bags and just like the invitations i put glitter on the dark colors.  I put nick nacks in the bags and put crepe papers on the top. 

For hats I bought styrofoam crowns from a.c. moore and decorated the front of them and put Breanna's 2nd b-day with styrofoam letters and shapes and used fabric paint. 

I made a table cover I bought a regular white cover and decorated it with pictures of the doodlebops and stars all over and just like sprinkled glitter glue all over. 

The cake I got it from the internet just a picture of them in the middle and all around just there colors and sprinkles all over. 

We played musical chairs to there theme song.

I decorated the room with the doodlebops posters which I also got from the website. 

It was very hard because its very time consuming but just to see how happy my daughter was it was worth it.

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