Doodlebops Party

Doodlebops Party -2yr- Blow-Up Guitars




Rebecca in Rochester, NY, US


July 2008



My son loves the Doodlebops so for his second birthday we had a Doodlebops party. I printed out free invitations from Doodlebops.com.

For the party, my son wore a Rooney costume (also from doodlebops.com) since Rooney Doodle is his favorite. It comes with the one peice outfit (he wore over his clothes), gloves and the wig. It was too cute.

For food i made drinks in the Doodlebops colors: orange kool-aid for Moe, blue kool-aid for Rooney and pink lemonade for Dee-Dee. For lunch we ate just regular picnic-y food- hot dogs, hamburgers, mac salad, fruit salad etc. A friend of mine is a cake decorator so she made a Rooney cake for me. But i know on doodlebops.com you can buy a cake decorating kit to do yourself.

For decorations i took 2 pool noodles and taped them together to make an upside-down U" shape. Then i took strands of glittery streamers (i used red and silver) and taped them around the top so they were hanging down. Then i made some music note shapes out of black paper plates and taped a couple of those on too.

So when it was done it was a cute background for kids pictures. I taped it to the fence in my backyard and took pictures of some of the kids posing in front of it which I later printed out and sent back in the thank you's. You could also use the decoration for the back of a stage if you wanted to make a stage for the kids to dance and sing on.

For crafts I printed out coloring pages and mazes from doodlebops.com. I also did a microphone craft which I got from doolebops.com also. You make a ball out of aluminum foil and and tape it (or glue it but we did tape since its less messy) to the top of a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll. Then I let the kids decorate it with different musical type stickers and papers. They also used ribbon. They came out cute. I played Doodlebops music during the party also so the kids could dance and sing. For games we played musical chairs (to keep up with the music theme).

For prizes we gave out recorders. (They are like plastic clarinets) I bought a pack of 2 at the Dollar Store. And my husband and I made up a "Who knows Connor best?" game for all the adults. We typed up a bunch of different questions about Connor with multiple choice answers and whoever got the most right won a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card. We asked questions such as "what is connors favorite animal?" "what prize did connor get the first time he went on the potty?" "What is connor afrid of?" things like that. It was fun because it got the adults involved. They all loved it!

For the goody bags I found doodlebops stickers off of ebay guitar bubble necklaces rock star tattooes guitar pic necklaces (all from Oriental Trading) and Hannah Montanta gummies from the Dollar Store. The bag had Hannah Montana but the gummies themsleves were microphones and guitars.

I also had 2 large blow-up guitars I got from a local party store that the kids ran around playing with. They also had blow-up microhpones which we didn’t get. All in all everyone had a "rockin" good time!"

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